Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Just Hold it Together

We literally wore pants
almost all day on Saturday
we moved so much dirt
and cleaned so much house.
Way happy. 
This week was alllll about service man. We helped a couple in our ward pack up there house (I'd like you all to know I'm basically a professional bubble wrapper at this point), we helped Kemi pack all her stuff to move into another member's house, we helped the couple clean their house a few days later and on Saturday we were in the middle of weekly planning when a less-active called us to come help her sister move a giant pile of dirt. I had forgotten how awesome it is to wear pants haha

Kemi was called as a ward missionary last week so we talked about callings with her this week. We showed her a video about a lady that was frustrated with her day because it didn't go the way she planned, but she had ended up helping other people all along the way. We asked Kemi what she thought about it and at first she talked about how sometimes you give your best effort and it doesn't matter and I was kind of worried we'd just made her a little bitter against callings, but she ended up working it around to an awesome testimony about how God has a bigger plan for things than we do. She's awesome.

Our district went bowling last p-day,
but to make it exciting we had to throw it weird every time,
like granny-style or backwards or left-handed.
I am awful at regular bowling
but apparently I'm pretty good at weird bowling
cause I ended up with the highest score haha
We spent a long time in district meeting trying to make some district goals. It was really just a big discussion about why we even make goals. Goals are super important in helping us recognize what we want to accomplish and then providing the drive to do it. My favorite thought on goals though is from Elder Ballard: "What is most important in our church (missionary) responsibilities is not the statistics that are reported or the meetings that are held but whether or not individual people - ministered to one at a time just as the Savior did - have been lifted and encouraged and ultimately changed."

The quad-pan. Ice cream is kind of becoming a weekly thing.
I don't mind.
Dene's out of town for a while and everyone else we tried to get a hold of was either sick or just didn't repsond, but yesterday we saw Manpreet again and oh my heavens she is amazing. We asked her how things had been going and she said that since last time when we talked about prayer she's prayed everyday. She actually read the reading assignment we gave her. She said she "felt" something again in our lesson. She said that baptism is totally something she's willing to work towards. She said she'd keep reading the Book of Mormon. Literally. She is incredible.

This coming week we have a lot (I should say more than usual not a lot haha) of appointments set up with former and potential investigators though so good things are a'brewin.

Sunday a couple that lives out in the country signed up to feed us and I didn't realize how much I missed open fields and big trees and little towns with 4 stoplights. It was glorious.

Puddle jumpin'
Sunday night marked the beginning of the craziest exchange I've ever been apart of and probably ever will be apart of haha We met up with out Sister Arnold and Sister Torsak at the church and it was POURING rain. Not a problem, we just hopped in our cars and started driving away. Sister Arnold and I made it about 10 feet away from our parking spot when the car started flashing that it was overheated. We stopped right away and tried to call Sister Van Vleet and Torsak who were still in the parking lot, but their phone was on silent so we were very soon stranded. We passed the time with rain dancing and puddle jumping until an older couple came and helped us out and eventually some Elders showed up and also helped us out.
We went and took a temple picture
while we waited in the rain.
Cause why not?
We eventually got back to the Belmead area's apartment around 10:00. The next morning we had to take the car in to be fixed, so Sister Arnold and I sat in the Chevy dealership for a few hours. They told us we weren't going to get the car back that day so we had Sister Van and Torsak pick us up and we became a quad-pan. Oh man. If a tri-pan's a party, a quad-pans is a flipping rave or something. We all came back to our apartment and we still have the sisters with us until their car is finished being fixed some time today. (Since I typed that we've dropped them off and they have their car again)

The pile of dirt we moved on Saturday ended up teaching me a lot about how I work. When I'm attacking dirt with a shovel, I can see the progress I'm making. I can see with every scoop that I'm shrinking the pile, so I work as hard as I can to get rid of said pile. With most things in life though, we don't have a pile of dirt to measure against, so it's hard to keep working. We feel like we're scooping and scooping and someone's on the other side throwing dirt back on. We just gotta keep scooping man. The pile is getting smaller. Even if it seems like we're moving it one tiny little spoonful at a time, the pile's getting smaller. If changes you're trying to make seem like they're not happening or people you're trying to help aren't budging, just keep scoopin. It'll get there.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

Gluein' the flaps.
If you look close you can see 'em flappin'.
P.S. So Sister Van's little brother ripped her earring our of her ear right before she came on a mission; she literally has two flaps instead of a regular earlobe. She wants to be able to wear earrings again, so she borrowed some super glue from our district leader to have ME super glue her ear back together. Listen. I'm not good at this stuff. When my kids get a cut someday I'll have to go to the ER cause I can't do gross things. But ya know, I'm tough. I'm a good companion. I did it. I super glued those two flaps like you wouldn't believe. When I was finished Sister Van was worried it wouldn't hold while it dried so she kept trying to get me to "Just hold it together." I wasn't exactly keen on having my fingers super glued to her newly rejoined lobe, so I refused. We then had one of the most ridiculous conversations thus far in our companionship. She was trying to convince me to hold her flaps together by repeating, "just hold it together" about 50 times and I was trying to explain why I thought it probably wasn't the best idea. In the end, she showered and the flaps came apart, so we'll have to do it again next week.

P.P.S. We're going to Jasper next p-day which is a flippin awesome national park a few hours west. Moral of the story emails are gonna be quite a bit later than usual next week. Just so's y'all know 👍

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


So we're at 8 months now?
Does that weird anyone else out?
Just me? 
First off, update on Roni from Sister Woolsey's letter that nearly made me cry I was so INCREDIBLY HAPPY. "We finished writing Roni's talk and it's all ready for this coming Sunday. It was harder than I thought it would be to help her write it. Because I'm writing it, but I was writing her words. And it was a bit tricky to write it and make it sound like her. I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to not be able to write your own talk. But Roni is so patient and amazing! She is such an inspiration to me. Also also this is way cool!!! Roni did baptisms for her Mom!!!! So happy. Remember this is Roni who is scared of water and unfamiliar places. We barely got Roni baptized for herself. But now she's done baptisms for her mom. She has grown so much spiritually its so exciting. Some boys from the branch also did baptisms for her husband and father. I'm so happy!!!"


We stopped by a new girl that moved into our ward
and she and her brother gave us GIANT Mr. Freezes.
So happy :D
In other news it's been a good week! We haven't gotten to see very many people because for some reason there's a certain lack of being texted back that has occurred this week, but iss all good! The work goes on!

We got to help out at our favorite couple's wedding this week!! We helped decorate on Friday and then were in charge of all the food at the reception. It was ridiculous amounts of fun and it was cool to see two people so in love and happy. There was another older couple there, the Allred's,from Red Deer helping us in the kitchen and they were so insanely fun.
The greatest couple in the world,
Jon and Robyn McClung.
Our outfits may or may not
have perfectly matched their wedding colors. 
The husband's most used phrase was, "holy poop" so I mean obviously we got along great.

Our lesson with Dene went really well. We talked all about the Holy Ghost and recognizing when God is trying to talk to us through the Spirit. At the end of the lesson I asked her what she thought now of how she's supposed to know truth and she said, "Pray about it and then feel the Holy Spirit." We didn't disagree.

There's a girl in Gateway that has just been feelin kinda down in the dumps lately so we bought her a McFlurry (ice cream makes everything better) and ran it to her on our way to help decorating.

​We went and had lunch at Mucho Burrito
which is basically Canada's equivalent of Costa Vida
without the magical sweet pork.
Ice cream had to be had so we ran to Wendy's after.
I was clearly very happy with this decision.
She was so happy just to be thought of. So missionaries are in a good position to know of when people need some thinkin of, but I hope I can be this person for the rest of my life. The person that just helps people feel loved when they need it. Cause we all do.

We had zone conference this week and President said something along the lines of "WHO THE HECK ARE YA?" around 4 different times throughout the meeting. It was usually followed with "AND WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Don't misunderstand the all caps as anger at all haha He was just really trying to emphasize that missionaries are kinda weird. We put our life aside for a while to go to some new place and follow extra rules and not to talk to our families very often and talk to strangers allll the time. It's a weird thing. No lyin.

"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life."

​We share bus passes with the Elders
that also cover Mt. Pleasant and Gateway
and have to meet up
ridiculously often to trade them over.
we had to take a selfie at least once.
Mormon answers both questions there. We're here to show our discipleship to the Savior by "inviting others to come unto [him]," so they can have everlasting life. In other words so they can access the Atonement, so they can return to live with Heavenly Father, so they can someday become like our Heavenly Father, so they can have real lasting happiness, so they can find purpose.

So they can come to recognize and have some semblance of an understanding of how loved they are. So loved that God, "spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all...For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

Missionaries are trying to help people have the most important things that have ever been.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​I'm just as confused as you are.
P.S. So we were riding the elevator down to the main floor when a homeboy came in on his hoverboard. We told him how flippin awesome it looked (it was gold and had blue lights all over it...pretty flippin awesome) and he told us how he rides it everywhere. Even to the gym haha He said people see him come in on and it and just give him a look of "really man?" We laughed and Sister Van said, "Might as well do it with swag." We all continued to laugh and I was teasing her a bit as we walked to the car for how incredibly white she sounded when she said the word "swag," to which she proceeded to say things like, "Do you have your swag on?" "I have swag." She also demonstrated her swag walk, which admittedly was pretty *ahem* swagilicious.

​An update on Harold. I know you were all curious. He's getting so big *wipes tear*

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Can I Have a Little Bite?

And then there were two

​Our last tri-pan picture :( 

​The 2 greatest tri-pans that have ever been.
Both split up now. Sad day man.
Alright remember the miracle from last week of finding a guy who is actually Mormon but hasn't been to church in years? Yeah. The miracle continues. His name is Daniel and holy cats he is so flipping awesome.​ We met with him on Sunday night and HE brought up coming to church on Sunday before we did and he wants his girlfriend to learn and his best friend to learn and is seriously just such a nice guy!

So Sister Scott's all the way out in Valley View. It's about 4 hours away from the city, so we won't get to see her basically ever. Outlying areas are pretty isolated. BUT that's ok! Email is great ;D And we decided I'll just be transferred out that way next so we can go on exchanges together or

We got two new investigators this week! Brittany, we met with the zone leaders. She learned from the missionaries a long time ago and was a week away from being baptized when she kind of dropped off the face of the earth. One of the zone leaders was actually one of the original missionaries to teach her and he randomly found her in the mall one day and she agreed to meet again! She has had a hard hard life. Like, it breaks my heart. She's such a sweetheart though. She loves to make people happy and we just need to help her realize how happy she deserves to be as well.

This little girl was in the parking lot
when we pulled up to a less-active's apartment.
Sister Van said hi then told her we needed to pray
and asked if she wanted to join.
She said yes
so she was standing next to us
while Sister Van and I
were sitting in the car praying.
She interrupted a few words in and said,
"Your car stinks."
Thanks little girl.
Don't worry,
we washed it since
and it smells fine now.
Well, we actually haven't
gotten the chance to ask the little girl
since we washed it,
so I'll have to get back to you on that one.
We also met Manpreet! We've been trying to meet up with her for a few weeks and it finally worked out this week! We taught her about the Restoration and she just soaked it all up. She grew up in India and has been Sikh her whole life, but she wants to learn about Jesus Christ. She knows literally nothing about him except that he was killed. Seriously everything we said to her she was like, "Yeah, that makes sense." Except at one point we asked her if she knew anything about prophets and she started explaining "profit." Money and surplus and the likes. Don't worry, we cleared everything up and by the end of the lesson she even prayed! It was cool, she had some interesting ideas about prayer, but when we explained what prayer is and why we pray she right away was just, "Oh! Ok!" I'm pumped to keep teaching her.

Dene came to a baptism with us on Saturday! We saw her Friday night and found out at her house that there was going to be a baptism on Saturday. We read the text and turned to Dene and said, "Hey Dene there's a baptism tomorrow. Wanna come?" Well, I tell you what she came and it was great! There was even pizza after which is always a bonus. We sat and taught her a lesson after and she kept saying that she wants to make sure she keeps her fundamental truths and I asked her what they are, but she didn't know. Then she talked about how feelings can't really be a way to know truth and I asked her how we're supposed to know truth, but she didn't know. So Sister Van did our bets to testify of the truths we know and how we know them. She definitely felt something at the baptism and in our lesson after, so we just have to help her recognize those feelings and understand them.

Sister Scott's grey thingy fell off the balcony
onto the balcony beneath ours
and the people wouldn't answer their door,
so we created the contraption
you see in our hands here
 and spent an hour
trying to get the thing hooked.
 We affectionately named our creation "Julie."
On Friday our usual group that we had for singing got mangled with the transfer, so we had to kind of re-figure out how to make that all work. We ended up just standing in a LRT station tunnel and having our voices echo all over the place. It was pretty cool. We're working on recruiting more people so we can flash mob the LRT again eventually haha

Yesterday was great! We got to have interviews with President Manion, and they were his last round of interviews before he goes home at the end of this transfer. He's such a great mission president and has done a lot of incredible things for this mission. It'll be sad to see him go. In my interview we talked about goals that I have for the rest of my mission and the missionary I want to be. It was seriously awesome. We also talked to a sweet sweet lady on the LRT whose son committed suicide a few years ago. We got to testify of how awesome the Atonement is and how Christ knows her and her son perfectly. She said she'd be willing to let the missionaries in her area come over and share a message with her, so that's awesome too.

Sister Van Vleet and I had a cool talk yesterday about a lot of stuff, but what stuck out the most is what our purpose is. God's purpose is to "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Everything he gives us and asks us to do is to accomplish and understand that. Right now our job is to help other people do the same thing. Literally all of it, is for all us to be able to have eternal happiness.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

My beautiful cone
before Sister Van got her jaws on it.
P.S. So McDonald's has this new thing where you order from a giant touch screen instead of a cashier and they just bring you your food. I don't know if it's just Canada or if they're rolling it out everywhere, but I've wanting to try it for weeks. We finally made it to a McDonald's and all I got was an ice cream cone (but let's be real, ice cream's all you need). I thoroughly enjoyed the fancy ordering. To top it off, it was a quality cone man. I took a picture it looked so beautiful. I got down to the bottom dregs of the cone, so basically the best part and Sister Van asked for "a little bite." Ya know, I'm nice, I share, so I handed her my cone and she MAULED it. Not only took a bite, but took a bite that made the whole thing basically fall apart. But in the end, ice cream is ice cream and you better believe I finished that cone.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Listen, I Don't Know What to Put Here. Pretend This is Something Clever

*Gru voice*


One of the Elders in our zone brought his fancy camera
so we had a tri-pan photoshoot last pday
We're "laughing" because I'm in the middle of saying,
"I'm so bad at fake laughing for pictures"
as I force a strange sort of chortle
I know I say it every week, but it's a little bit insane that it's already p day again and a whole week has gone by and now I'm gonna tell you all about it.

First off, SISTER SCOTT IS GOING TO BE A SISTER TRAINING LEADER AND SHE IS GOING TO BE SO FLIPPING AWESOME. The only sad part is that it means the greatest tri-pan in the history of tri-pans is coming to an end tomorrow. We don't know where she's going yet but we'll drop her off then Sister Van and I get to stay in Mt. Pleasant together for one more transfer and it's gonna be so great!!

​One of the recent converts in the other YSA ward.
Her name is Jenna and she is one my favorite people ever. 
We finally got to see Dene again this week! She had some questions, but the Spirit had answers and we're gonna try and get her on date for baptism this week! She's really so great. She's been through a lot, but knows that God loves her which is good. (Cause he totally does).
Our zone leaders have called us several times this week with appointments they've set up for us as well! Literally, as I was typing this email up, they called us with two more! This area had such a hard time for such a long time, that it's incredible to see the never-ending diligence of all the missionaries that served here before me working out.

​Most of everyone in our district
Thursday after district meeting we had a "funeral" for all the missionaries that are "dying" at the end of this transfer (ie they're going home) It was so funny and it's crazy to even think that it'll be me "dying" someday. That night we went to a member's house for dinner (his name is Brad and he is seriously one of the funniest people I know) then tried by a less-active that ended up not being home.

​Our flash mobbers' selfie
on our way down the escalator
to the train station
Sister Scott had to go to the Missionary Leadership Council meetings on Friday, so we got to have a mini exchange with another set of sisters that one of the companions was also going to the meeting. We went and helped out at the Ronald McDonald House all morning then went and met up with our LRT flash mob homies. You better believe we flash mobbed again. SO FUN. We did have one person get a little...upset...that we were singing, but one person getting mad out of literally probably several hundred people that heard us is pretty good haha

I got to give a talk on Sunday, and I have to admit, I wrote most of it Sunday morning. It was about Elder Andersen's talk from conference, but I kind of realistically just did whatever I wanted cause that's how I roll when it comes to talks apparently haha After church we went to the Relief Society president's house for dinner. We Skyped Sunday night and it was so dang awesome. Seriously. Family is the best.

So the fires up in Fort McMurray. For those unaware, there are now 80,000 (probably more now) people that have been evacuated from their homes because of a forest fire up North. We volunteered on Monday at housing on the U of A campus because they're hosuing 600+ people who don't have a home now. It is so so sad and prayers are definitely needed. The people we saw though were so thankful to us. All we were doing were hanging up signs and they would stop us to thank us for helping. It takes a pretty incredible person to have the kindness and faith and strength to thank random people when they just lost everything. It was definitely sobering.

We've had a couple really cool miracles this week. Walking from our car to our apartment the other night, we passed a guy we'd met at the bus stop earlier. He introduced us to his roommate who admitted that he's actually a baptized Mormon. They BOTH wanted to meet with us and we have appointments with them this week! INCREDIBLE. Also, a couple weeks ago when we had to evacuate our building for the fire alarm, we met a lady named Trudi. We ran into her again the other day and we've since already had a lesson with her and she is just the sweetest lady you'll ever meet.

At district meeting, our district leader asked us what we'd learned from this transfer, and what I said isn't necessarily that I "learned" something, but that I understand something a bit more haha I said that I have lots of fears (like everyone does), but one of them is definitely talking to strangers. So basically the essence of missionary work. But it happens and I fumble through it. Because this matters so much. More than anything else quite literally ever.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​So there was a giant tennis ball
and let's be honest here,
tennis is basically the only sport
I can actually play
so I was real excited
P.S. The Elders that cover the ward Trudi will be in came with us to the lesson since they'll be the ones who actually teach her. Afterwards, we decided we had to take a picture cause let's be real, missionaries love taking tons of pictures. The thing is, the Elder that was taking the selfie is 6'5" and Trudi is 4'11". Sister Van wanted to make sure we could see Trudi in the picture, so she said, "I'll just pick you up!" And she did. She literally grabbed Trudi from behind around the waist and held her up for the picture. We went to go help Trudi grab her laundry after and on the way back to her apartment Sister Van decided to give Trudi a piggy back ride. Oh my goodness I wish you could understand how funny it is to watch such a tiny human being try and jump onto someone's back.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's Party Time

​Red Dot Day #7 
Literally. I don't understand where time goes. It simultaneously feels like I was just writing an email yesterday and yet Sunday was three weeks ago. I swear, I'm in a time warp or something up here. Well it's been a pretty flippin awesome week and I don't know how to cover it all but to just go in order so here goes haha

Tuesday night a member had us over for dinner and invited her neighbors. They were so nice. When we shared a message the mom basically taught us. We showed a video then talked all about God's love and she seriously could be a motivational speaker she was so good at telling us how much God loves us. It was awesome. She's super catholic, so they weren't interested much in learning more, but they day they do want to, they are going to be powerful.

​Our bus stop lesson with Kemi :D
Wednesday we walked to Kemi's house and she wasn't home, but as we were walking away we could here her laugh. After looking around a little bit, we saw her sitting at a bus stop across four lanes of traffic talking on the phone. Kemi's laugh is pretty distinct hahaha We got her attention and ran over to have a little mini lesson with her. We talked about the Book of Mormon and read our favorite scriptures from it. It was crazy but fun haha Later that day we walked past some former investigators' house and they were outside! We stopped and had a lesson with them on their porch which was also a little crazy but fun. They were also high so that just kind of brought a whole different level of craziness to the lesson haha

Thursday we had an awesome district meeting. The Elder that gave the training talked about the apostles before they became apostles. They were just regular joes. And then boom! Apostles! In charge of teaching people about Christ which is literally the most important thing they could ever know. Then he related it to missionaries. We're just a bunch of regular kids. And then boom! Missionaries! We're in charge of teaching people about Christ which is literally the most important thing they could ever know. We all have weakness, including the original twelve, but the Lord's gonna make it work anyways. He's gonna help us become the missionaries and/or people he wants us to be.

​Our LRT singing flash mobbers!
Please notice the person
that is photobombing on the shoulder
of the Elders on the right. 
Friday our singing booth took on a whooooooole new level of awesome. We went and sang on the LRT!! It was seriously so fun. There were 11 of us and we would all walk onto the train through different doors and sit down next to random people. Then someone would start singing and walking towards the middle of the train. Eventually we'd all stand up and come together in the middle and just belt a hymn. We flashed mobbed sang on a train man. OH MY GOODNESS SO MUCH FUN. When we finished the hymn we'd go sit next to our random people again and they would start a conversation with us (which usually doesn't happen on the LRT, we're usually just kind of pesty enough to people until they finally relent talk to us). It was flippin awesome. AND I met a lady who knows all about BYU so that was double awesome.

Friday night we had a little miracle. We were headed home to start weekly planning, when Sister Van all of the sudden said, "let's go see Nancy." Nancy a less-active we meet with every week that had cancelled our usual appointment and wouldn't respond to set up a new time. We knocked on her door and she said, "No way! I was gonna text you guys to see if you could come over tonight, but I didn't cause I thought you'd be too busy!" BOOM. So awesome. Then on top of that, her nonmember brother sat in on the lesson which he never does so again, double awesome.

Saturday we helped a member move and built Kemi a bed (you want a test of patience, just go buy a flipping bed frame from IKEA) .

​Our Chinese meal!
Just so ya know, that asparagus was
drowned in Wasabi and soy sauce.
We also had dinner with an investigator the Mandarin speaking Elders are teaching. Her name is Jill and she is so awesome. She fed us for real Chinese food, we ate with fancy chopsticks, and she taught us a whole bunch of Mandarin phrases. It was so awesome to get to teach her. She has an awesome understanding of the gospel and I'm excited for the day that I get to see her baptized. It's gonna happen. I know it.

Gah! So sorry! I just noticed how long this email is! Sunday we went to a meeting at Mt. Pleasant and then walked to church at Gateway (covering two wards is crazy) and Monday we ended up having to weekly plan because we never got to any other day haha

Homies, life is good! The church is true. And God loves us, so go out and love somebody today.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​I don't really care about the Lakers very much,
 it was just exciting to see a California license plate
P.S. Wednesday night the fire alarm went off in our building just after 10:30. Sister Van was already sound asleep, and I was in the middle of saying my nightly prayers. I looked over to Sister Scott's bed to ask her what was going on, but she wasn't there. I went to check the living room right at the same time she was coming to find me in the bedroom and we SCREAMED when we saw each other haha We calmed down and went and woke up Sister Van to climb down 10 flights of stairs to stand outside in the cold for half an hour while the firemen went and put out the "fire" (which turned out to be some food that got a little burnt and smokey). When we finally made it back inside Sister Scott and I were wide awake while Sister Van practically ran through the apartment to her bed to get back to sleep as fast as possible. She got under her covers head on pillow in about .5 seconds and expressed how worried she was that she wouldn't be getting as much sleep as usual tonight. Sister Scott and I were chuckling at her need for sleep when she popped her head up again and said with a significant amount of urgency, "WHAT TIME IS IT?" To which Sister Scott responded "It's party time." I'm sure the fact that we were so painfully tired adds to the hilarity in the moment because we seriously were falling over laughing so hard.