Tuesday, November 3, 2015


My "one month" picture. haha
It snowed!! Sister Hill and I were in the middle of studying and I saw​ ​snowflakes out the window so​ ​we ran outside as quick as we could! We​ ​danced, caught snowflakes on our tongues, had hot chocolate, it was​ ​great​! ​Sister Hill a​t ​one point said "This is gonna be the​ ​next...forever." But​ ​at this point I don't even mind ​if it snows forever it​ was so​ ​beautiful!​ It melted pretty quick so I'll send pictures of snow when it sticks around for a while haha​

This week's been a roller coaster of a week; really high highs and​ ​really low lows.

On Wednesday we had a special sister's conference where we got to see​ ​all the sisters in the mission and listen to talks from President and​ ​Sister Manion. We focused a lot on the talk "A Plea to My Sisters" by​ ​President Nelson from general conference. I also go to be part of a​ ​musical number at the conference. Sister Hill and I along with the​ ​other sisters in our district sang Lord, I Would Follow Thee.

​Sis​ter Hill and I made the goal to share 140 Book of Mormons with people by the end of December and we've been extending the challenge to members of the branch as well. We already have people reporting back to us that they're sharing the gospel. Missionary works works so much better with members' involvement. Furreal. Their support and testimonies are powerful.

HOLY CATS we have a baptism this Saturday!! He was interviewed on Friday and we have the whole thing worked out! We're gonna come three hours early to start filling the font. It was funny to realize that it doesn't magically fill itself haha someone's gotta go do it. We also got a new branch mission leader who's way pumped about getting more member involvement; it's gonna be awesome. We went out to his acreage on Halloween cause we weren't allowed to be out as missionaries that night with so many people being extra crazy everywhere.

We visited one of our less-actives on Thursday and tried to teach her​ ​about keeping the sabbath day holy and how important church is, but​ ​she definitely did not ​want to hear it. Sister Hill was​ ​bearing a powerful testimony and ​she​ just got up and​ ​walked out. It was pretty hard to walk out of her house and keep​ ​working. We love her so dang much so it was disheartening to have her​ ​so abruptly send us on our way.

The Lord knows us though. He knows when we're sad and knows when we're​ ​happy and loves us​ So.​ ​M​uch.

We couldn't figure out what to do after we left but we ultimately​ ​decided to knock on some doors. There were lots of no answers and "no​ ​thank you"s but we kept goin. The last door we knocked on, a lady​ ​answered and was so receptive to everything we said. She was so eager​ ​to talk to us and learn about the church. Heavenly Father puts​ people in our path and directs our path to find them. We're gonna meet with her again tomorrow​ ​night. That night was probably the highest and lowest of the lows and highs.

The rest of ​the week was lots of appointments fallen through and people not home. Last night in​ ​particular we had spent ​the whole day trying to find someone to​ ​teach and we finally found a new​ ​investigator right before we were about to call​ ​it a nigh​t again​. After being rejected for so long, it was​ ​almost a shock that she was​ ​so willing to talk to us and learn and read the Book of Mormon.​ A really good shock though :)

Heavenly Father was smart a guy (literally the smartest) when he said that ​we need to have​ "opposition in all things." Having all the kinda sucky​ ​experiences made the good ones infinitely more sweet.

Potographic evidence that I​ had my first donair!
It's basically a Canadian pita haha
Th​ose are​ all the missionaries in my district:)
​I love all of you so much! And Heavenly Father loves you more than you can even comprehend.

​Peace and blessings.​

Sister Hepworth

P.S. We went to a potential named Nathaniel's house to try and meet with him. A man answered the door and explained when we asked for Nathaniel that he'd moved out a couple years ago. We asked the man at the door how long he'd lived there and he said, "Oh I've lived here a long itme. I'm Nathaniel's mom and he moved back to the city." Didya catch that? He said he was Nathaniel's mom. And then introduced himself as "Kristina with a 'K.'" Sister Hill and I didn't even flinch. 100% divine intervention right there. We were both totally normal and in my head I was so, just, flabbergasted. As we walked back to the car, we were both in shock hahahaha

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