Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I Never Have To Do That Again!

Sundae supper with the Hewitts!
Waffles and ice cream. What more can you ask?
Well here are again one last time. Let's not talk about that yet.

Holy incredible week! I hardly know where to start.

We'll start with the happiest! Alex was baptized on Saturday! My heavens he is such a cute kid. When he and his family walked into the church he couldn't even walk he was so excited he just kind of darted everywhere he went haha We had talked about in the beginning that it would be a full immersion, so his face would get wet.
The final district
He did not like that idea one bit, so we talked to his mom about it and we just decided to not bring it up again. He was so brave! When bishop was lowering him into the water he got pretty worried, but he was a champ! When they were changing back into dry clothes bishop asked Alex what he thought about the baptism and he said, "I'm glad I never have to do that again!" Hahaha We went over to his house for lunch yesterday and his mom said she asked him to help with the laundry and he responded "I can do that for you Mom! I'm a baptized kid now!" There's a pretty hilarious story with the baptism, but it's better acted out. I'll just have to tell you in person ;D

Sister Taylor made enchiladas mmmmmm
Our other investigator Jody also passed her baptismal interview on Sunday! She was so so nervous going into it. Our district leader lives in Edmonton and doesn't have a car, so she had a Skype interview. When she came out she was just beaming. We gave her a tour of the baptismal font, showed her the white jump suits, and talked about how everything will happen this Saturday. She's so cute. I'll have to try and figure out if I can Skype in or something for her baptism haha

We took Sister Taylor's exercise ball
to the church for morning exercises
and had a grand ol time haha
So we met with Jonel and Mel, the Filipino men we found last week, and my goodness they are incredible. They're so kind and so excited to learn. We showed them the Prince of Peace video on Thursday night and they were a little nervous with their English fluency. Last night, we had another lesson with them and had the Tagalog speaking Elders in the city Skype in. We understood basically nothing that happened, but the investigator Mel has agreed to be baptized on May 13th! They're so great. We gave Mel a Book of Mormon in Tagalog and the second we handed it to him he started reading.

The lovely Gloria
Alright fine. I'll acknowledge that this is my last time writing and that I'll be back in Gridley on Thursday. Last week I talked about how ready I am, but the closer I get, the more nervous I get too haha Last night though we were following up with Jonel about looking through the principles of peace on mormon.org, and after he expressed his thoughts he asked what brought us peace.

My faith brings me peace. My trust that God is my loving Heavenly Father and that he would never do anything or ask me to do anything that wouldn't be what's best for me. Coming home and learning how to live non-missionary life again is scary, but "perfect love casteth out fear." I know Heavenly Father perfectly loves me, so I'm not afraid.

Since I'll be home for Easter,
we made baskets
and hid eggs around the apartment
for each other on Sunday.
Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. After we showed Jody the font she was so giddy she was just cracking jokes all over the place. Her main friend in the church, Bill, has always been her right hand man for any questions she has about church. He was walking kind of ahead of us while we were walking with Jody. At one point she asked Bill if she needed to bring rain boots for when she gets baptized. He responded with a no and tried to explain why she wouldn't need them while Jody turned to us and gave us a cute little wink and giggle. "Oh. Ok Bill."

Just cute.

Sometimes in Canada people call ponds lakes. Really all the time.

Peace out girl scout.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

You Look Like Roadkill

We attempted our bubble gum experiment,
but it was a fail.
We bought better bubble gum,
so we'll try again this week.
I can't even type that email title without laughing haha Which happens often. Sister Taylor and I literally laugh so dang much it's basically a constant ab workout. But you'll just have to wait for the P.S.

Happy news first!! Our nine year old investigator Alex passed his baptismal interview!! We're so excited for this Saturday!! I didn't get to be there for the interview because we were on exchanges, so when Sister Taylor was telling me the story later she kept telling me about all these hiccups with it. I was so stressed the whole time and kept thinking that he hadn't been interviewed or didn't pass or wasn't even an investigator anymore. She's a very sneaky story teller. She saved the good news for the very very end. I literally just yelled I was so happy when she finally spit it out haha We called him the yesterday (daily contact for the win) to have him look up a scripture and he was so excited to go run and find his Book of Mormon. It was so so cute haha Afterwards his soon to be 6 year old sister also demanded to read a scripture.

I met Maureen over a year ago
when I was in Mt. Pleasant YSA.
She drove out to Drayton
to have lunch with us!
It was so fun!
We got to help people a lot this week. Mmmm I loved it. It felt like real life. I mean, being a missionary does too, but just getting to help someone clean their yard, or move across town, or put together posters for the library, or clean their curtains. I just love it. Serving people is the best. Saturday was especially great though. We helped an investigator who'd been in pretty sad living conditions for a while move to a nice house right near our apartment. Oh it was so great. After watching them have such a great attitude through the whole mess they've been in I was so thankful to help get them somewhere so perfect for their family. The ward really came through as well. Eight members of the ward came and helped and brought four extra trucks. We had their entire storage unit moved in just over an hour!

The travelling sisters!
There's a companionship of sisters called in the mission to travel to all the other sisters in the mission and go on exchanges with them. We got to have Sister Engelbrektsson and Sister Christensen here with us for Sunday and Monday! Holy so much fun. We got to get a lot of things done for the area with two companionships running around for two days. So many miracles there's not enough time to even begin to list them all.
​Just a giant metal flower
out in the middle of nowhere
At least one is that we met a guy on Monday who is only in Drayton Vallley for a couple weeks for work. As we were introducing ourselves he asked which church we were from. Once he realized who we were he pulled off his work gloves to shake our hands and introduced himself as Brother so-and-so. He joined the church in the Philippines and has been in Canada for 5 years. He knew which church building was supposed to be his and it just so happened to be the chapel I just spent the last six months attending in the Belmead ward! He and his friend both said they wanted to meet while they were here! People who need the gospel are everywhere and are being put where they need to be find it.

General conference was amazing and I got answers to so many questions. I'm just so ready. Ready for whatever the Lord calls me to do next. Helaman told me this week how every job is important and I agree! I'm so excited to go do whatever job I'm asked to do next. I'm sad to leave my current job of course, but life goes on! And I'm ready.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. So Sister Engelbrektsson and I were taking some *attempted* cute jumping pictures. She's the cutest so she has the nice little hair bounce and a cute little knee pop in all her pictures. For some reason I decided to throw my head back and kind of go for the "star" look with my arms and legs extended. Mistake. When Sister Taylor and I were looking at the pictures later and laughing at how ridiculous I look she said "You look like roadkill!" I can't even deny it. I look like roadkill.

A much more successful jumping picture.