Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Walking to the church the other day, it was -5 degrees. -5.  And this is only the beginning. I bought boots for -40 the other day. And for you Fahrenheit people thinking that's not too bad,  Celsius and Fahrenheit meet at -40. Don't believe me? Google it. Now that you've googled it and believe me, we can shed tears together. Mine will just freeze to my face hahaha

But the cold can't keep me and Sister Hill from spreadin the gospel! We're still out tryin to find and teach anyone who will listen! Oh man. We had an awesome lesson with a new investigator the other day. We were teaching him about prophets and he re-explained them to us better than we explained them to him haha sometimes people are just so ready to hear the gospel that no matter what we sat they're gonna soak it up.

My red dot day surprise
celebratory sticky note note.
By the way, HAPPY RED DOT DAY TO ME!! 😀 Red dot day is the month anniversary to entering the MTC, so it was actually on the 23rd haha Sister Hill made red dot day up cause on the first day of the MTC new missionaries have to wear a red dot on their name tag. So every month for the next 18 months the 23rd is a day of celebration!

I went on my first exchanges this week! For exchanges, we "exchange" with another set of sister missionaries and one of us goes to their area and the other stays in Tofield with the other sister. I went into the city with Sister Platter! The Edmonton skyline is so pretty!
Sister Hill and I
with the Sisters
we went on exchanges with
We went contacting on the light rail train that's in the city and the next day we set up a booth in front of one of our church buildings and passed out mormon.org cards, Book of Mormons, and free cookies 👌

SPEAKING OF COOKIES. Our investigator that's on date to be baptized on November 7th is a doing a week long stop smoking program the church has, and to support him we're giving up sweets for a week. He's doing great and is so ready to be baptized. So Sister Hill and I have a double batch of cookie dough and a big bag of chocolate almonds waiting for us at the end of the week haha

We had a sacrament service in Veg this week. There are some old ladies that can't travel an hour both ways to get to church every week, so every last Sunday of the month, we have a service in Veg. It's inspiring to see people so devoted to the gospel. Even though they physically can't come to Tofield for church, they don't lose their faith in those weeks without it and diligently attend in Vegreville. 
That's how important this gospel is guys. It's worth every effort to make it something that's important in our OWN lives. The happiest happiness we can have comes by following Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I promise.

The cookie picture!
 Sister Roughley is the one on the left;
she's the branch relief society president
and came with us to the lesson
Love you tons! Peace and Blessings!

Sister Hepworth

P.S. Our investigator that understood prophets so well took our picture after the lesson haha He likes to draw and wanted to draw our picture, but made us retake it a bunch of times, trying to get good lighting, or have our arms positioned the right away. We couldn't get our arms to his liking so finally he just made us hold up cookies hahaha

One of our potential investigators
has a bear. A bear. In his house.
As a rug. A bear. So obviously we
had to take pictures with it haha

He also this giant standing bear. It's head is about 3x the size of mine

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