Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday was Candaian Thanksgiving! My companion and I were fed THREE Thanksgiving dinners!! Holy. Turkey.

MY COMPANION!! Her name is Sister Hill and I love her So. Dang. Much. She's from Logan, UT and is da best. We're almost constantly laughing cause we have the same ridiculous humor haha She's a dang hard worker and I couldn't have asked for a better trainer. She teaches so well and loves everyone so much and everyone loves her so much! It's great!

It's been a week! A whole week here in Canada! I'm about 40 minutes East of Edmonton in a town called Tofield. It's a lot like Gridley with farms all over the place. There are only about 2,000 people though so it's a little smaller than Gridley. We go to a town about 30 minutes away called Vegreville twice a week. There's a little branch here in Tofield with lots of investigators and less active members that we're meeting with. There are even more people in Vegreville population and less-active member-wise, but there's no branch or ward out there. We're workin on it ;D

We're teaching a lot of people and have three investigators right now who are on date to be baptized in November!! Holy cow though, yesterday we tracted for four and a half hours. We found 10 new potential investigators so it was totally worth it. We set a goal to pass out 140 Book or Mormons by the end of the transfer (5 more weeks) and we got five yesterday so we're doin good haha I gave out my first Book of Mormon!!! It was amazing!!

The branch is great! The picture of me with a guy with pie all over his face is the branch president haha There was a fall festival on Friday and I got to smoosh a pie in his face. I'm just so good at making first impressions;) I was wearing a black skirt that night so they stuck a witch hat on my head so I had a costume" haha The members love us though and are so supportive of us and the people we teach.

I'm running out of time, but this is the greatest you guys. I'm legitimately loving being a missionary and teaching people about how to find more happiness by coming closer to Christ. He's the only way to find true happiness. I promise.

Peace and Blessings


Sister Hepworth

P.S. Sister Hill and I were driving and saw a sign that said "G Sale." I said it probably meant that they're only selling things that start with the letter G and she said "Gizzards! And groupie selfies!" We almost had to pull over we were laughing so hard hahahaha

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  1. Did you get to see the giant Easter egg in Vegreville?