Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Has it Been A Week? Already?

K yeah this was just to show that
Canada is pretty GORGEOUS ;D
It seriously feels like I've been in Canada for a lifetime but that I
 just got here yesterday haha I love it. I love my companion and I love
 the branch and I love the people we're teaching and I love being a
 missionary. Sister Hill and I were saying that sometimes missions seem
 like the hardest thing ever, but they're really the easiest thing you
 could ever do. You just have to spend 18 to 24 months dedicated to
 Heavenly Father. You don't have to worry about bills, or school, or
 work. It's just whatever Heavenly Father wants. It's a pretty sweet

 I have to say it right now before I forget again!!!

 THINK THEY ARE. Seriously. So. Cool. The first night I come out to
Smarties are called Rockets in Canada!
And they have a candy called Smarties
 but they're like off-brand m&ms!
I was gonna send them back home
 but I took a picture and ate them instead
 Tofield they were so bright and green and moving and just flipping
 awesome!! We've seen them a couple times since, but never as good as
 that first night. I had to leave the shutter open for 16 seconds to
 get a picture and I tried to hold really still, but it's still a
 little blurry and not NEARLY as cool as in person, but still sooooo
 cool. I forgot my little camera so I'll send the picture next time. It
 hasn't snowed yet, but it should be coming any day now.

 Sister Hill and I are teaching 15 investigators, but we only meet with
 about 7 regularly, but part of the 15 were 2 new ones that we found in
 the last week so hopefully they'll become regular ones too! :D We see
 lots of less active families as well. Our purpose is to help "people"
 come closer to Christ. Active member or not, investigator or random
 person on the street, we're trying to help everyone find happiness and
 peace that only comes from Jesus Christ and his gospel.

 Sister Hill really wanted some cookie dough the other day so I made a
 batch at lunch and we ate it all in about 4 days. Cookie dough is the
 only recipe I have memorized, and I've only ever made it at home
 before. When I made it the other day though, it still felt like I was
 making it at home. Being on a mission feels like home. I feel like I'm
 exactly where I'm supposed to be and I know I am.

 So one of our investigators committed to be baptized which is great!
 But we're worried he doesn't really fully understand what he  haha
 We've been trying to get back to his house to teach him again, but his
 dog will NOT have it. In the last it's always been super friendly
 whenever we came over, but the past 3 times we tried to go over, it
 literally tried to kill us.   If he weren't tied down he would have
 tackled us  pans eaten our faces. The last time we went over he ran so
 hard to trend get us that the big wooden picnic table he's tied to
 literally flipped over. We'll just have to figure out how to get our
 investigator to come out of his house and wrestle his dog so we can
 teach him again haha
This is the Kastendieck family.
They're the bomb and took us on a walk
 out by this lake last P Day.

 So Sister Hill and I go to Veggreville twice a week because it's in
 the Tofield branch boundaries. On our way home Saturday night, we
 received some pretty amazing divine intervention. We were going about
 110 km/her down the highway when all of the sudden four deer showed up
 in our headlights while they were trying to cross the road. We both
 started screaming and Sister Hill slammed on the brakes and we should
 have hit the deer. We both could see right where the deer were
 standing when we skidded past them, but we didn't hit a single one. We
 seriously only could have not hit them unless we were being protected
 by Heavenly Father. And I know we were.

 I'm still not an ace at teaching, but I think I'm getting better. I'm
 definitely trying and praying real hard haha Sister Hill is seriously
 AWESOME. We've literally only known each other for 14 days and it's
 like we've known each other for years. Heavenly Father has definitely
 blessed me in the companion department. We're both crazy so we're
 gut-laughing about 80% of the time we talk to each other.

 We had a really cool experience this week when we taught an
 investigator about the Atonement and how personal it is. He has some
 struggles that he knows he shouldn't be doing but can't find the
 desire or strength to stop. Sister Hill testified of how powerful the
 Atomement is and how perfectly Christ knows how each one of us feel.
 And because of that, how perfectly Christ knows how to help and
 strengthen us. The Spirit was so strong no he just kept saying "Ok.
 You got to me." It was powerful.

 K this is the longest letter ever but guys it's true. Christ knows and
 loves us PERFECTLY. He paid for our sins and felt everything we've
We were walking and sat down to figure out who to see next.
Obviously I had to whip out the selfie cam.
 ever felt to "know how to succour his people." We just have to let


 Sister Hepworth

 P.S. We met with this 85 year old man and his wife and he kept showing
 off how agile and active he was haha he was literally doing lifts and
 jumping jacks and made us feel his muscles. SO. FUNNY.

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