Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's Party Time

​Red Dot Day #7 
Literally. I don't understand where time goes. It simultaneously feels like I was just writing an email yesterday and yet Sunday was three weeks ago. I swear, I'm in a time warp or something up here. Well it's been a pretty flippin awesome week and I don't know how to cover it all but to just go in order so here goes haha

Tuesday night a member had us over for dinner and invited her neighbors. They were so nice. When we shared a message the mom basically taught us. We showed a video then talked all about God's love and she seriously could be a motivational speaker she was so good at telling us how much God loves us. It was awesome. She's super catholic, so they weren't interested much in learning more, but they day they do want to, they are going to be powerful.

​Our bus stop lesson with Kemi :D
Wednesday we walked to Kemi's house and she wasn't home, but as we were walking away we could here her laugh. After looking around a little bit, we saw her sitting at a bus stop across four lanes of traffic talking on the phone. Kemi's laugh is pretty distinct hahaha We got her attention and ran over to have a little mini lesson with her. We talked about the Book of Mormon and read our favorite scriptures from it. It was crazy but fun haha Later that day we walked past some former investigators' house and they were outside! We stopped and had a lesson with them on their porch which was also a little crazy but fun. They were also high so that just kind of brought a whole different level of craziness to the lesson haha

Thursday we had an awesome district meeting. The Elder that gave the training talked about the apostles before they became apostles. They were just regular joes. And then boom! Apostles! In charge of teaching people about Christ which is literally the most important thing they could ever know. Then he related it to missionaries. We're just a bunch of regular kids. And then boom! Missionaries! We're in charge of teaching people about Christ which is literally the most important thing they could ever know. We all have weakness, including the original twelve, but the Lord's gonna make it work anyways. He's gonna help us become the missionaries and/or people he wants us to be.

​Our LRT singing flash mobbers!
Please notice the person
that is photobombing on the shoulder
of the Elders on the right. 
Friday our singing booth took on a whooooooole new level of awesome. We went and sang on the LRT!! It was seriously so fun. There were 11 of us and we would all walk onto the train through different doors and sit down next to random people. Then someone would start singing and walking towards the middle of the train. Eventually we'd all stand up and come together in the middle and just belt a hymn. We flashed mobbed sang on a train man. OH MY GOODNESS SO MUCH FUN. When we finished the hymn we'd go sit next to our random people again and they would start a conversation with us (which usually doesn't happen on the LRT, we're usually just kind of pesty enough to people until they finally relent talk to us). It was flippin awesome. AND I met a lady who knows all about BYU so that was double awesome.

Friday night we had a little miracle. We were headed home to start weekly planning, when Sister Van all of the sudden said, "let's go see Nancy." Nancy a less-active we meet with every week that had cancelled our usual appointment and wouldn't respond to set up a new time. We knocked on her door and she said, "No way! I was gonna text you guys to see if you could come over tonight, but I didn't cause I thought you'd be too busy!" BOOM. So awesome. Then on top of that, her nonmember brother sat in on the lesson which he never does so again, double awesome.

Saturday we helped a member move and built Kemi a bed (you want a test of patience, just go buy a flipping bed frame from IKEA) .

​Our Chinese meal!
Just so ya know, that asparagus was
drowned in Wasabi and soy sauce.
We also had dinner with an investigator the Mandarin speaking Elders are teaching. Her name is Jill and she is so awesome. She fed us for real Chinese food, we ate with fancy chopsticks, and she taught us a whole bunch of Mandarin phrases. It was so awesome to get to teach her. She has an awesome understanding of the gospel and I'm excited for the day that I get to see her baptized. It's gonna happen. I know it.

Gah! So sorry! I just noticed how long this email is! Sunday we went to a meeting at Mt. Pleasant and then walked to church at Gateway (covering two wards is crazy) and Monday we ended up having to weekly plan because we never got to any other day haha

Homies, life is good! The church is true. And God loves us, so go out and love somebody today.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​I don't really care about the Lakers very much,
 it was just exciting to see a California license plate
P.S. Wednesday night the fire alarm went off in our building just after 10:30. Sister Van was already sound asleep, and I was in the middle of saying my nightly prayers. I looked over to Sister Scott's bed to ask her what was going on, but she wasn't there. I went to check the living room right at the same time she was coming to find me in the bedroom and we SCREAMED when we saw each other haha We calmed down and went and woke up Sister Van to climb down 10 flights of stairs to stand outside in the cold for half an hour while the firemen went and put out the "fire" (which turned out to be some food that got a little burnt and smokey). When we finally made it back inside Sister Scott and I were wide awake while Sister Van practically ran through the apartment to her bed to get back to sleep as fast as possible. She got under her covers head on pillow in about .5 seconds and expressed how worried she was that she wouldn't be getting as much sleep as usual tonight. Sister Scott and I were chuckling at her need for sleep when she popped her head up again and said with a significant amount of urgency, "WHAT TIME IS IT?" To which Sister Scott responded "It's party time." I'm sure the fact that we were so painfully tired adds to the hilarity in the moment because we seriously were falling over laughing so hard.

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