Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Listen, I Don't Know What to Put Here. Pretend This is Something Clever

*Gru voice*


One of the Elders in our zone brought his fancy camera
so we had a tri-pan photoshoot last pday
We're "laughing" because I'm in the middle of saying,
"I'm so bad at fake laughing for pictures"
as I force a strange sort of chortle
I know I say it every week, but it's a little bit insane that it's already p day again and a whole week has gone by and now I'm gonna tell you all about it.

First off, SISTER SCOTT IS GOING TO BE A SISTER TRAINING LEADER AND SHE IS GOING TO BE SO FLIPPING AWESOME. The only sad part is that it means the greatest tri-pan in the history of tri-pans is coming to an end tomorrow. We don't know where she's going yet but we'll drop her off then Sister Van and I get to stay in Mt. Pleasant together for one more transfer and it's gonna be so great!!

​One of the recent converts in the other YSA ward.
Her name is Jenna and she is one my favorite people ever. 
We finally got to see Dene again this week! She had some questions, but the Spirit had answers and we're gonna try and get her on date for baptism this week! She's really so great. She's been through a lot, but knows that God loves her which is good. (Cause he totally does).
Our zone leaders have called us several times this week with appointments they've set up for us as well! Literally, as I was typing this email up, they called us with two more! This area had such a hard time for such a long time, that it's incredible to see the never-ending diligence of all the missionaries that served here before me working out.

​Most of everyone in our district
Thursday after district meeting we had a "funeral" for all the missionaries that are "dying" at the end of this transfer (ie they're going home) It was so funny and it's crazy to even think that it'll be me "dying" someday. That night we went to a member's house for dinner (his name is Brad and he is seriously one of the funniest people I know) then tried by a less-active that ended up not being home.

​Our flash mobbers' selfie
on our way down the escalator
to the train station
Sister Scott had to go to the Missionary Leadership Council meetings on Friday, so we got to have a mini exchange with another set of sisters that one of the companions was also going to the meeting. We went and helped out at the Ronald McDonald House all morning then went and met up with our LRT flash mob homies. You better believe we flash mobbed again. SO FUN. We did have one person get a little...upset...that we were singing, but one person getting mad out of literally probably several hundred people that heard us is pretty good haha

I got to give a talk on Sunday, and I have to admit, I wrote most of it Sunday morning. It was about Elder Andersen's talk from conference, but I kind of realistically just did whatever I wanted cause that's how I roll when it comes to talks apparently haha After church we went to the Relief Society president's house for dinner. We Skyped Sunday night and it was so dang awesome. Seriously. Family is the best.

So the fires up in Fort McMurray. For those unaware, there are now 80,000 (probably more now) people that have been evacuated from their homes because of a forest fire up North. We volunteered on Monday at housing on the U of A campus because they're hosuing 600+ people who don't have a home now. It is so so sad and prayers are definitely needed. The people we saw though were so thankful to us. All we were doing were hanging up signs and they would stop us to thank us for helping. It takes a pretty incredible person to have the kindness and faith and strength to thank random people when they just lost everything. It was definitely sobering.

We've had a couple really cool miracles this week. Walking from our car to our apartment the other night, we passed a guy we'd met at the bus stop earlier. He introduced us to his roommate who admitted that he's actually a baptized Mormon. They BOTH wanted to meet with us and we have appointments with them this week! INCREDIBLE. Also, a couple weeks ago when we had to evacuate our building for the fire alarm, we met a lady named Trudi. We ran into her again the other day and we've since already had a lesson with her and she is just the sweetest lady you'll ever meet.

At district meeting, our district leader asked us what we'd learned from this transfer, and what I said isn't necessarily that I "learned" something, but that I understand something a bit more haha I said that I have lots of fears (like everyone does), but one of them is definitely talking to strangers. So basically the essence of missionary work. But it happens and I fumble through it. Because this matters so much. More than anything else quite literally ever.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​So there was a giant tennis ball
and let's be honest here,
tennis is basically the only sport
I can actually play
so I was real excited
P.S. The Elders that cover the ward Trudi will be in came with us to the lesson since they'll be the ones who actually teach her. Afterwards, we decided we had to take a picture cause let's be real, missionaries love taking tons of pictures. The thing is, the Elder that was taking the selfie is 6'5" and Trudi is 4'11". Sister Van wanted to make sure we could see Trudi in the picture, so she said, "I'll just pick you up!" And she did. She literally grabbed Trudi from behind around the waist and held her up for the picture. We went to go help Trudi grab her laundry after and on the way back to her apartment Sister Van decided to give Trudi a piggy back ride. Oh my goodness I wish you could understand how funny it is to watch such a tiny human being try and jump onto someone's back.

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