Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"I Ate A Fork"

My last picture with Sister Hill :( My first picture
with Sister Woolsey :)

The subject title this week comes from my new companion Sister Woolsey!! Sister Hill's up in Grand Prairie which is like 6 hours north, and Sister Woolsey and I are here in Tofield workin our tooshies off. CRAZY SMALL WORLD CONINCIDENCE. Sister Woolsey is from Milford, UT and went to high school with my roommate and homies from BYU (shout out to Jenn, Jess, and Alayna)! Like, crazy! I was randomly placed with my roommate and now I'm placed with Sister Woolsey and it's just CRAZY. She was looking through some of my pictures and I had pictures with Jenn and Jess and she said, "Hey! I know them!" She didn't purposely eat a fork,
but we were at supper and they had plastic forks and hers unfortunately broke and one of the little pieces ended up in her throat haha

ANOTHER COOL COINCIDENCE STORY. Last week, Sister Hill and I knocked on a lady's door that said she would have let us in, but she had just put her son down for a nap. She took our card and I figured I'd go back over with my new companion. Well we went over yesterday and her son and his dad answered the door. They were in the middle of re-doing their floor, so we still have to go back over later haha Coincidence part! The little kid's name is Zane and I remember thinking at the door that he looked familiar and I realized later that night that I'D MET THAT LITTLE KID BEFORE. It took me a while to figure out from where, but I realized that Sister Hill and I couple weeks ago visited a former investigator and she was babysitting this kid! I met his mom when she picked him up! SO CRAZY. They're way nice and I'm pretty pumped to teach them ASAP.

We can't ice skate,
so he pushed us around
on the ice for
 missionary-approved fun👍

I'm the driver now since I know the area, and it's been crazy remembering where everybody lives and how to get there. I'm definitely getting some heavenly support on that one. We've yet to get lost! *virtually patting myself on the back*

Roni update: SHE'S FOR REALSIES GONNA GET BAPTIZED. She has an interview set up, we're figuring out the program, she's asked President Hillyer to baptize her, and she said "I'm spiritually ready." She said it!! That's seriously so huge!! Since I've been here she's always felt like she's nowhere near ready and now we're giving her "virtual" tours of the baptismal font! I seriously love Roni. Whenever we go over, she has hot chocolate waiting for us, she has us over for supper, she sits and listens to the Mormon channel all day, she comes to church every week, she's just such a rock-star.

So we visit an old lady who's less-active, but only because she physically can't get to church. I love her to bits! She's the happiest little lady and is always, ALWAYS, smiling. We read the talk "Finding Joy in the Journey" with her and it talks about making time for the important things in our life and I asked her what she thought the important things are. She said, "my knowledge of the gospel, going to the temple, and telling my family I love them." Home slices she's 100% right. Appreciate the knowledge you have of Jesus Christ and God, be a part of their holy house and TELL YOUR FAMILY YOU LOVE THEM. Wise words from the sweetest lady.

I love you guys.

Stay strong. Pray all time.

Peace and blessings ✌

Sister Hepworth

P.S. We were leaving a member's house and their 2 year old son Emmitt ran up and gave us hugs (way cute). We put on our boots and were heading out the door when Emmitt decided we needed goodbye kisses too. Well folks, I'm a missionary. I've kind of sworn off kissing for a while haha But he's 2, so I was trying too get him to just kiss me on the cheek. Emmitt however found this unacceptable and was grabbing my face trying to turn my head to get to my lips. I would just turn to the other cheek, but Emmitt wouldn't give up. It was probably a solid 30 seconds of Emmitt trying to chase my lips down haha I finally made him settle on blowing a kiss

P.P.S. So we email from a little room in the church that has a computer, but it's locked all the time and very few have the key to access it. We were in the midst of emailing today when we decided to take a bathroom break. Unfortunately we forgot to prop open the door behind us when we left. When we were walking back and I saw that the door was closed, with our keys, our phone, our ipads, our purses, and our coats inside, I literally dropped to the floor and laid on my stomach laughing hysterically. It's freezing outside (we're in Canada so we couldn't run to someone's house to let us in) and we didn't have anyone's number (the phone was inside locked room). We finally found a phone book and called people from the church phone.

The first 10ish people we called didn't answer, but we got ahold of the branch president and he headed our way from the next town over. We had about 20 minutes to sit and wait for him to come so we raided the supply closet and found
Hockey scootch
things that we stood on each foot, hockey sticks, and little play bouncy balls that are usually in the giant bins in Walmart that we passed back and forth. We invented what we now call "hockey scootch." It's probably gonna be in the next Olympics. Watch for it.

Our p-day excitement from last week:

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