Wednesday, December 30, 2015

First Real Transfer

Sister Hill is officially being transferred to Grand Prairie. It's way
sad that she's leaving, but she'll rock it up north. We have very
little time today since we have to get her all packed by tomorrow
morning, so short letter coming your way haha

It's been a good week! I mean it was Christmas. How could it not have
been? We got to spend time with Roni, and call home, and spend lots of
time with members. We caroled lots too om Christmas Eve simce not many
people would be too excited about two random girls in skirts popping
by in the middle of Christmas Eve, but everyone loves carolers.

We're still workin hard and loving it. We see as many people as we can
and try by a million others. I hope you all had an awesome Christmas
and have a happy new year! Set some good goals for yourself to be

Peace and Blessings ✌🏻️
Sister Hepworth

P.S. We went and saw Roni yesterday so Sister Hill could say goodbye.
We were talking and Roni coughed a bit then was really quiet with her
hand over her face for a while. Sister Hill had been saying how she
was going to miss Roni went she went all quiet and she asked, "Roni
are you crying?" To which Roni replied, "NO! I almost threw up!" Oh

You better believe I'm on my third red dot day.

We moved our mattresses into the living room so we could sleep by the tree on Christmas Eve. It was like having a sleepover 

Our last district meeting before transfers. (Notice my hair eh?)

We went and visited our car remains on Christmas 😂

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