Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Music Out the Wahzoo

We still haven't had a dump of snow yet, but it snows a little bit almost everyday. There's just enough of a layer of snow everywhere that I officially feel like I'm in Canada and it's winter time haha We
listen to Christmas music exclusively. No exceptions. We bought a Michael Buble Christmas album and we have to skip half the songs, but WORTH IT.

Compared to previous weeks, this week has been a little slow. We haven't taught as many lessons as we usually do, and people don't let us in as often as they usually do, but we're still tryin.

Roni is so great. We had a lesson with her where we went over the Articles of Faith with her and she would say "check" to every one that she agreed with. By the time we'd read them all to her, she had said "check" to all of them. We started getting way excited, but she felt like she'd been too distracted with the phone ringing a couple of times and wouldn't believe us that she'd checked them all. So we went over them all again and she checked them all again! She just has to hear back from one more son to know if the 9th is official yet, but being baptized is definitely official. SO HAPPY

Yes, we're matching.
No it wasn't on purpose.
We're just that in-sync.
We had a branch Christmas party on Saturday and have been inviting people since like mid-November. One of our investigators came!! When we talked to him the morning of, he made a bunch of excuses and said he wasn't coming, but he surprised us and came anyways! It was so good to see him there! It was a cute little party with songs and games, and of course we got a picture with Santa so double awesome.

We made these cute little invitations that we were handing out to people for the Christmas party and the night before we still had about 12 left that we hadn't handed out. We decided to spend the last few hours of our night stopping by everyone that we could think of and inviting them. We stopped by a bunch of people we try by all the timer that aren't usually home and they were ALL HOME. Craziness. None of them came, but it was cool to be working so hard to see people and finally see all of them.

President and Sister Manion 
after the Christmas Conference 😌
We had a Mission Christmas Conference yesterday. Only half the mission came because there are so many missionaries in this mission (about 300) that they have to have another one next week haha It was awesome. President Manion is always a rockstar and there were a bunch if musical numbers. Sister Hill and I and the sister in our district got to sing a song called Mary's Lullaby. Christmas songs are the best.

Have a wonderful week everybody! Christmas is close and make sure you think about why we even have Christmas while you're feeling stressed about buying the "just right" present.

Peace and blessings ✌ 🏻️
Sister Hepworth

P.S. I bought a t-shirt with a giant maple leaf and "Eh." on it. Not necessarily funny, but definitely awesome.

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