Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Whole Enchilada

First story is last Tuesday night!! We went out to a less actives house that we usually have to text first to be able to meet with her, but we just went over. When she opened the door, she was crying and said "Did God send you?" She'd been having a really rough night and was about to ask us to come over anyways. We got to have a really cool lesson with her.

Later that night, everyone we had planned to see fell through and we still had about an hour and half of the night, so we decided to tract for a while. Literally the FIRST HOUSE that we knocked on, she let us in, we had the BEST lesson we've ever taught as a companionship, she understood everything we taught and then gave us a plate of cookies when we left. BEST TRACTING EVER. Possibly in the history of tracting. 

That's where the whole enchilada came from. We asked her why it would be important that we had the fullness of Christ's gospel and she said, "Well, it means you have, like, the original God. Ya know, it's the whole enchilada." Good. Answer. We seriously loved "the whole enchilada" we probably said it 10 more times before we left cause it really does perfectly explain why this church is so important: we have the whole enchilada. 

Our lesson with Roni this week was AWESOME. She was understanding everything we were teaching and Sister Hill straight out asked her to be baptized. We talk about baptism to Roni all the time, but it's always in a kind of round about way so she responds in a kind of round about way. When Sister Hill directly asked her to be baptized though, she sat for second and then said "Yes." A straight yes. That's literally never happened before. She still doesn't have a for sure day cause she wants her family there, but we told her that we have January 9th written in dry erase marker and that she had the week to call her family so that when we saw her again this week we could write it in Sharpie. 

We also finally met a bunch of less-actives that no one's seen in over 5 months. AND we finally met 3 potential investigators we've been trying to meet for over 5 months yesterday. We had lessons with them and they all in invited us back and said they wanted to keep learning more! 3 new investigators in one day is pretty crazy for us. That doesn't happen. We usually get about 1 a week.  

Since I don't have any other pictures
here's the picture we showed to the family
of temple square 😍
We also went to another potential's house yesterday that we met a while ago while he was putting up his Christmas lights. We told him about Temple Square at Christmas time and he said we could come back and show him pictures. We walked over to show him the pictures and his whole family was home, but they all were so nice! They fed us pizza, gave us a bunch of cookies, and offered to take us to the Legislature building in the city to show us the lights there. We're still trying to figure out how we could do that haha, but they were seriously the nicest people. 

Guys THIS IS THE WHOLE ENCHILADA. This is usefulness of the gospel and the perfect plan that Heavenly Father has for us to find peace and happiness. I promise. And so do the prophets and apostles and a bunch of missionaries and millions of members of the church. We all promise. 

Peace and Blessings ✌
Sister Hepworth

We had to wait 6 hours in the city for our
car to be fixed,  so we had a little
spare time for some selfies.
And I didn't take any other pictures this week,
so enjoy 😉
P.S. Sister Hill and I had been driving around for like 10 minutes trying to find someone's house and I'd noticed the same unmarked van several times while we were driving. When we finally pulled up to the house, the unmarked van pulled up right across the street from us and the driver was looking right us. I didn't want to freak Sister Hill out too much so I just said, "Let's go somewhere new," with just a hint of urgency in my voice. She started laughing cause I was being so weird, and was facing me trying to put the car in park. When she turned back around to see what I was looking at, the driver of the van had gotten out his van and was walking towards our car. She saw him and screamed her little heart out. Even though the windows were rolled up, I guarantee he heard it or he at least noticed her look of sheer panic because he stopped in his tracks and looked really confused. He then held up the package neither of us had noticed he was holding and said, pointing the house behind us, "Do you live here?" Sister Hill was still in a state of panic and couldn't respond and I was laughing too hard to give a real answer, so I had to just kind of wave him on hoping that he'd understand from my wave that "No we don't live here. That's not our package. You scared us half to death and we are now in no state to try and communicate with you in real words."


30 more minutes of P Day means one more round of pictures that we just barely took cause we just barely bought CANADIAN UMBRELLA HATS. 

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