Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I'm Gonna Shovel Some Stuff!

Our theme this week has been "When faith is exercised, faith increases." We have a lot of people that feel spiritually stuck. They either don't know what to do next, or know what they need to do but
are afraid to do it. It seriously explains itself: when faith is exercised, faith increases.

Roni is getting SO close. She's seriously come so far from when she first started meeting with missionaries. And she just loves our guts. Anytime we go over she has hot chocolate waiting for us and we told her we wanted frozen burritos and she tried to find them for us at the grocery store. (Weird random fact: Canada is apparently a frozen burrito free zone, we can't find them anywhere). We seriously love her so much too though. Almost everyday, we'll be studying for someone else we have planned to teach and we'll go "Ooh! This would be good for Roni!"

Another of our investigators, Rob, we just don't know what to do with half the time. He's a devout 7th day adventist, knows the bible like the back of his hand, sets return appointments with US, thanks us for following-up with him, reads everything we tell him to, leaves US with commitments, and has incredible faith in Christ and God. But he always says things like, "I hope we're all benefiting from these lessons" and "You know, God wants one church, and someday we'll all see what that one truth is." He just puts off the vibe sometimes that he's trying to convert us instead of the other way around. You're right Rob, God does want one church, and we look forward to the day that you realize this is it.

We had interviews with President Manion yesterday. He's so great and he just loves all of us missionaries so dang much. Sister Hill and I had read the day before that we could show our investigators a copy of the teaching record (it lists everything we have to teach them before they're baptized) then yesterday we asked him for advice for one of our investigators and he told us to show her a copy of the teaching record. WHAT. When Heavenly Father wants us to do something, he'll make sure we know haha It also strengthened my testimony so much that President Manion is exactly who needs to be mission president for the Canada Edmonton Mission.

Last night, we got back from the interviews with only about an hour of time left to go and proselyte. We tried to see several people, but no one was home when finally our relief society president accidentally called us trying to change her ringtone and ended up inviting us over. Sister Hill and I had both felt like we needed to go see her, but hadn't said anything to each other, then she called and told us to come over. When Heavenly Father wants us to do something, he'll make sure we know haha

HELLO CHRISTMAS SEASON HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED. There's a new Christmas video out called "A Savior is Born" which you should all now stop reading and go look up. Then watch the Christmas video put out last year called "He is the Gift. Then you'll guaranteed be in the real CHRISTmas spirit.

Just trust Heavenly Father guys. If you feel like you need to smile at a stranger, do it. Heavenly Father's telling you to. If you feel like you need to read scriptures, do it. Heavenly Father's telling you to. If you feel like you need to call someone, do it. Heavenly Father's telling you to.

Peace and Blessings ✌
Sister Hepworth

P.S. Sister Hill and I went to a thrift store and got some new sweaters and the like. Sister Hill was particularly fond of one of her sweaters and put it on right when she got home and went around the apartment the rest of the night saying "I'm so cute!" She eventually transitioned into asking me "Who's the cutest?" Of which I was supposed to reply "You." Literally all night. We made videos of me asking her who the cutest was and her responding "Me" for quite a while hahaha We just think we're so funny all the time haha

We have an American in the branch who fed us American Thanksgiving 😄 and let Sister Hill and I break the wish bone!
And I won!
I shoveled snow off a driveway for the first time!
I'm diggin' the view, Canada! I'm diggin' it.

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