Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Last Week of Two

As of 4ish o'clock tonight I will be a part of my first tripanionship! Sister Van Vleet and I covered the Mt. Pleasant YSA ward and now Sister Van Vleet, Sister Scott, and I will l be covering Mt. Pleasant and Gateway YSA. Sister Van and I have already rearranged our whole apartment (which means moving our dressers into the living room so we can fit three beds in our bedroom) and IT'S GONNA BE GREAT. We'll never have to worry about having enough people for a lesson, the range of card games we can play as just quadrupled and we have a whole nother wardrobe to explore and share ;D

​We got to borrow a car for a day
and I tell you it was wonderous.
Wednesday we had an awesome training at Zed (It should be the letter Z but Canadians are weird and pronounce Z Zed) TM. We talked about how excited we should be to even be here talking to all these awesome people (which don't you worry I'm PUMPED about it) and how to share a Book of Mormon with someone. We've been hearing nothing but good things as a result of the training. People have had a lot more success this week contacting people and getting legitimately interested people to teach. We were talking to our zone leaders about it and all they said was, "That training wasn't from us. Seriously." Heavenly Father is definitely helpin out his missionaries up here in Canada.

Yesterday we applied the training and gave three people a Book of Mormon. The first one was to a guy that used to take the lessons, but hadn't been in contact with the missionaries for a while. We gave him our number and called the missionaries he used to meet with and they're gonna get a hold of him again! The second was to this guy in his 50s named Ruven. We had gotten off at a train station we don't usually get off at to use the bathroom and unfortunately it was one of the sketchiest train stations I've ever seen. Even more unfortunate there were a couple of drunk guys trying to get in a fight. Ruven came over to us and started telling us how he has daughters our age and knows karate and wouldn't let anything happen to us. We ended up having a really awesome gospel discussion with him and he seems legit interested in learning. :D

​We passed a park and we swang so hard man.
We got to help out at a wedding this week and it was so fun! They had us help decorate and then the night of the reception they needed help in the kitchen. There were some people there helping that had never even met the bride or groom before, they just heard they needed help and came. Seriously, people are so good. Holy cats though I felt like I was in footloose or something though when Dancing Queen came on at the reception and I could go jump around with all the little kids that were dancing their hearts out.

Kemi's doing great :D We had a lesson with her yesterday about keeping the sabbath day holy and everything we say, she just eats it up. She's seriously awesome.

​Dene came to church!! :D
Our investigator Dene came to church this Sunday which was AWESOME. We sang Come Thou Fount in sacrament meeting with the Mandarin speaking elders and all the members in the ward were so kind and friendly to her. She's gonna be gone at work for 2 weeks though, so we're not gonna be able to meet with her again until May. Which is weird that May is only two weeks away. Like, way weird.

We had several people stop us this week to tell us that believing in religion is, and I quote, "stupidity," or that we're not doing enough to help people who really need it, or to tell us that we're all just a bunch of self-righteous know-it-alls. Just be nice guys. The golden rule is legit, "Therefore, all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them." Kid History got it right too, "Just treat everybody like it's their birthday."

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​Sister Van's birthday dinner with Maureen :)
P.S. I met a lady this week that is the city version of Roni. Her name's Maureen and she's been investigating forever and absolutely loves the missionaries. She had us over for dinner on Friday as a birthday treat for Sister Van. It was way cute she had her house all birthday decorated and everything. Balloons were obviously part of the decor and lucky for us they were helium :D Sister Van had never sucked the helium out of a balloon before, so we spent the rest of the night playing with balloons and telling the funniest stories we could think of with our 15 seconds of helium. The video was one my stories. Shout out to Averie on that one hahaha

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