Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Only Thing We Talk About is Jesus

Well I tell you what, it has been an incredible week. Best news of all the news,

Kemi's baptism!!

Way way way happy homies. The baptism went smoothly and lots of people from the ward came and there was ice cream after, so ya know, double awesome. She was just giddy all morning. When she came out of the water and was going to dry off she just kept giggling this adorable little, "this is the greatest thing in the world" kind of giggle. Then on Sunday she got up and bore her testimony and it was absolutely tender. She just so humbly and sincerely talked about how she knows this is the true church and how she could feel Jesus in the room. Seriously just the greatest. After church she called us over and had a tithing envelope in her hand and said, "Did I fill this out right?" GAAAAHHHH. So happy.

Our booth choir :D
The booth from last week with the cute kid and the thumbs up, got a makeover this week and is now one of my favorite things ever. Several sets of missionaries got together and prepared a bunch of hymns to sing while two other missionaries stood at the booth to talk to anyone who wanted to ask questions. We started inside the building in a hallway, but we were singing right into the doorway of a little pharmacy and our voices were a little too loud for them haha so we banished ourselves to outside in the courtyard next to the building. Greatest decision ever. We all just stood there singin our little hearts out. Lots of people stopped to listen, so then the missionaries not singing would swoop in and talk to them. There's a no-proselyting rule on the campus, so we can't talk to anybody unless they talk to us first and bring up church and the likes. Well a random little choir definitely brings people over with questions of who we are ;D

So Kemi was our only investigator, and she was baptized and confirmed this week...so we were officially investigator-less. INSERT MIRACLE STORY. A member in another ward told the sisters in his ward that his friend wanted to learn about mormons. Which is way happy, anyone who wants to learn is good news. It's even better news when the friend actually lives in our area! Her name is Dene and she is way cool. We already met with her and she loved everything we had to say and then came with us to Family Home Evening that very night and is planning on coming to church with us this Sunday! She even is already asking us how baptism works and is like in love with temples and wants to know all about them. WAY PUMPED ABOUT IT.

The sisters we karaoked with 🤘
I got to sing karaoke this week for the retirement home that we do service at every week. It was seriously one of the funnest things ever. We were singing all these old songs and they just loved it. They eventually had us sing My Heart Will Go On cause Celine Dion is Canadian. And they love their Canadian artists. Well except Justin Bieber. Nobody really owns up to the fact that Justin Bieber is Canadian.

We got to go to the temple today!!
My first time since being on a mission :D
We actually got to do a lot of service this week which is awesome. We helped out at the institute several times and got free meals out of it every time (which is glorious) and did a trial-run make up and hair for a member's wedding. It was actually kind of funny because my skills are seriously lacking in that particular department, so I mostly watched while Sister Van Vleet got her all dolled up. We decided she was like the mom cause she even was helping her pick out outfits and stuff while I just kind of gave half-hearted opinions about stuff I don't really know anything about, so I was clearly the dad hahaha

My heart is so full this week. I love being a missionary. I love Canada. I love the city (which I was afraid of for a while, but we're past that now). I love Sister Van Vleet. I love the gospel.

As Jean would always say, "life is good."

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. Ok so the story isn't necessarily "funny" this week, mostly just way crazy. We were in a town about 40 minutes outside of the city with our relief society president Sophia to try and contact a less-active out there. We were going through the culdesac when a little car come FLYING past us and rips around the corner. We had to pull over so we didn't get side-swiped. Not even a second later, a big red truck came past going just as fast but in REVERSE. We're pretty sure the truck was chasing the little car or something. We pulled out the culdesac to see the big truck turn down the street (going forward now). Craziest part of the story is that the truck had like twelve bullet holes in the tailgate! Weeeeeeiiirrd. The less-active wasn't even home, but we got a crazy story out of it. The video attached is while we were driving home. We'll call the video real PS story haha

P.P.S I met people this week who know where Gridley is and have even been there! Several times!! WAY HAPPY

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