Tuesday, April 5, 2016

All You Need is Faith and a Bus Pass

​The view from our balcony
Alright everybody. I'm in the CITY. Let's just list some things that happen in the city that don't happen in Tofield: we take the bus everywhere, people sit next to you on the bus to ask for money, we live in an apartment on the 10th floor, we live next door to a ginormous mall, we see

​There are random rabbits running around the city.
No one knows where they came from.
They're seriously all over the place.
other missionaries sometimes, we have a booth where we sit and try and have people come talk to us, most of the people we talk to we'd never be able to teach because they probably don't live in the area of the city that we cover and they're probably not a young single adult, there are almost a million people here compared to the 2,500 in Tofield, and about a million other things.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT'S THE SAME? The church is still true man.

Our first cute selfie :)
I am definitely enjoying myself though :D My new companion Sister Van Vleet is awesome! The view from our balcony is awesome! Never ending amounts of new people to talk to is awesome! General conference was awesome! Awesomeness just everywhere!

Holy cats cute story time. The booth that we sit at is in the middle of one of the buildings on the University of Alberta campus. There was a tour of middle schoolers goin past when one kid stopped in front of me and gave me a huge smile and a double thumbs up.

​You better believe we're gonna be taking selfies
all the time.
Just be ready for that.
Now see, I'm still new to the city, as far as I know at this point this is a thing that city-people do, so I returned the favor with a smile and some thumbs and he kept walking. The tour walked past again later and he repeated his first greetings and added, "I'm mormon too!" His teacher/tour guide person started yelling out for everyone to stay with the group so he ran off pretty quick, but it made me so happy!! Then one more kid went passed and thumbs-upped (Is that a word? Sure.) us so we assumed that meant he was mormon too. WAY FUN.

There's only one investigator in the area right now, but SHE'S GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY, so that's basically the coolest thing ever. Her name is Kemi and she makes bomb chicken and rice stuff. We watched all of the Sunday sessions of general conference at her house and she made us this Negerian chicken stuff for lunch that was seriously so good. She really liked conference and was even taking notes! So happy :)

A cute potential investigator named Rain.
Or Reign.
Or raieghn.
I have no idea how she spells it haha
On Thursday we had a lesson with an investigator that we had to pass over to some other sisters. She lives in their area, so they get to teach her. She's way nice though and really has a lot of faith in God, so hopefully that'll all work out.

So listen homies. It's no secret that I loved Tofield a whole heck of a lot. All the people, and even the little town itself, so obviously I miss it a whole dang bunches. BUT IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER because now I just get to love a whole new ward full of people that are gonna be awesome too. It's crazy to not be in Tofield, but it's been so fun to be in the big city.

Also, general conference was absolutely incredible. Like, indescribably awesome. There are too many things that stood out to me to try and share them in one letter, but just know that this is the true church. The prophets and apostles that spoke are called to represent the Lord and we've got to listen. The inpressions that we had, the things we thought about that we might need to change or do better, we've got to do it.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. So Sister Van Vleet get along so well. Literally, we laugh all the time and are having so much fun! Missionaries always pray before they leave the apartment, but we were about to miss our bus, so we ran out the door and to pray in the elevator. We were both a little concerned someone might get on the elevator while we were praying and be weirded out, so both of us kept opening one eye to check if anyone was getting one, but at the same exact time. EXACT. Then later that night while we were having our last prayer for the night, we both peeked open of our eyes atthe EXACT same time again and made eye contact. It's hard to pray when you're trying to stifle a laugh man.
The light rail train we ride all the time was made in Sacramento!! :D

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