Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Very Sneaky Harold, Very Sneaky

The Hackenschmidts are gonna miss me ❤
My time in Tofield is finally coming to an end! Way sad guys. I love Tofield. I love the people here and I love the area and have felt so much love from so many people here that I seriously am way sad to be leaving, but my next area will be great too! I'm going in to the city to the Mt. Pleasant YSA ward!! Which is literally the ward Sister Woolsey was serving in before she came here!! Way crazy!! She spent six months there and came here. I spent six months here and am going there!

My last night with the Bates!
They made me eat two servings of ice cream.
They always offer,
 but I said a while ago that not until my last night
would I accept a second helping.
They have excellent memories.
We've gotten to show so many people the video that came out for Easter. It's provided such a good way to have lessons with people we don't normally get to have lessons with. Easter's usually a time when people are thinking about Christ anyways, so we just get to give them some more things to think about. This has seriously been the greatest Easter I've ever had. I mean don't get me wrong, I love chocolate and Easter eggs, but having such a special opportunity to be a representative of Jesus Christ and study about him and testify of him during the time of year when it all happened.

The Kastendiecks!
So Roni is the bomb. She doesn't like going unfamiliar places, which ya know, is kind of understandable, but she her calling is compassionate service leader which means she helps make sure the sister in the branch are taken care of. One of the less-active ladies was going to be home alone for a few days and she's not in the best health, so she asked for people to come out and visit her to make sure she hadn't fallen or something. Roni coordinated everything and one of the days was a person short to go and visit her. So she decided she would just go! We saw her after and she was so great. And the less-active lady loooooved her. She's already asked Roni to come back and visit again and stay with her haha

President Hillyer and his family :)
Friday we had to spend some time at the hospital because that same less-active lady who was home alone couldn't stand up and ended up pushing her medic alert button. An ambulance came and took her in to the hospital. She was totally fine other than needing to do some leg exercises so she can build up her strength again. We had to coordinate getting her home and everything since her boyfirend still wasn't home. Sister Roughley (RS President) had just gotten back from a 3 week trip to Israel that day and had to come and take her home. S Roughley's pretty awesome too. She always helps Roni get to church and navigate through the building and is doing Roni's family history for her and helps Roni with her tithing, just seriously an awesome lady.

​Six red dot days people. This is getting a little crazy.
Sunday was awesome. We came to church here in Tofield, went out to the Hackenschmidt's for lunch, then went out to Vegreville for another sacrament meeting. After the Veg service everyone went out to the Bates for some ice cream. It was so great to be able to be in sacrament meeting on Easter. The day Christ was resurrected is an incredible day to remember him.

Just this morning, we got to see a lady who removed her records a year ago because of some anti stuff she had gotten into. Her entire family ended up leaving the church. She's an awesome lady and still feels likes she's happy, but there's a definitely a difference in her home and life.

Listen. This church is the one that brings eternal life. Regardless of what previous or current leaders of the church say or do, this is it. Elder Ballard said, "Too many people think Church leaders and members should be perfect or nearly perfect. They forget that the Lord's grace is sufficient to accomplish His work through mortals...Focusing on how the Lord inspires His chosen leaders and how He moves the Saints to do remarkable and extraordinary things despite their humanity is one way that we hold on to the gospel of Jesus Christ."

People make mistakes. Joseph Smith included. That doesn't change the fact that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him and restored their church. There's a good article Jinny sent me a while ago that said, "Only Jesus ever had a 100% approval rating from God." Literally everyone else sins and makes mistakes. Lucky for us, "The works, and the designs, and the purposes of God cannot be frustrated, neither can they come to naught," D&C 3:1. If God wants it to happen, it's gonna happen. No matter what anyone else does.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

You better believe we dyed Easter eggs!
P.S. Sister Woolsey and I hid eggs for each other around the apartment on Sunday night. We both had half the apartment to hide/hunt for eggs. I had hidden a greenish egg in the midst of all of Harold's foliage. She was bent over my desk looking in the windowsill behind it with her face practically in Harold's leaves. As she was starting to stand up again, she finally noticed the egg in Harold and said, "very sneaky Harold. Very sneaky."

P.P.S. You lucky ducks get two stories this week ;D We saw some formers this week that we haven't seen in ages but are the funniest people quite possibly ever. They had been telling us about their trip to Florida the whole time we'd been there, and as we were walking out we noticed a lawn sign for Trump. They then explained that while they were driving around, they noticed the sign and their friend basically dared the husband to jump out of the car and take it. After some convincing, he finally ran out and grabbed it. As they were driving away a car pulled up next to them and starting waving at them to pull over. Apparently it was the guy who had just put the sign in and he was all in a huff that they were a bunch of democrats trying to steal all his Trump signs. They offered to give it back right away and go back to headquarters and buy one instead. It all smoothed out by the end, but I was dying laughing as they described how panicked they were to prove to the guy they weren't being malicious. "We're from Canada! We don't even care about Trump! Check our IDs!" Then they went on a rant about how America is changing so much even the name's gonna change. The husband asked his wife what the new name was going to be and she very casually spouted out "Korea." Oh my. I laughed so hard. So hard.

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