Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone were good?

My favorite little old lady Jean gave us that lovely nugget of thought this week. We were talking about hope and she is one the most positive hopeful ladies there ever was. We were talking about how the whole world needs hope though and she gave us that lovely thought because yes indeed, it would be very nice.

Moose 1 & 2
Moose 3 & 4
It's been a pretty great week my friends. We've seen a lot of people, taught a lot of lessons, and had a lot of laughs. To top it all off, we saw FOUR MOOSE this week. Blessings. This last Sunday is probably my last fast and testimony meeting in Tofield. I'll be here until just after Easter, but then I'm more than likely headed off to somewhere new and exciting. I'm gonna miss my little Tofield. It's really come to feel like a home to me. And I literally know my way around better than Gridley. I've met so many wonderful people who I've come to love so much and who show so much love to me, I just love it here :)

We met with several potentials and formers this week and they didn't tell us not to come back, so you better believe we're goin back haha We saw Greg twice again this week. We had a solid lesson with him about fasting on Saturday. At the beginning when I asked him what he knew about fasting, he said, "What, starving yourself?" By the end, he agreed to fast on Sunday though, so it went relatively well haha He's also working on quitting smoking. He felt the Spirit on Saturday. It was so strong it was impossible for him to have not. He knows he did, but he's still being pretty stubborn about coming to church. He himself said, "I don't know what it's gonna take." Well, neither do I, but I know someone way smarter than either of us does, so we'll find out.

​​Random non-functional telephone booth
out in the country.
Obviously we took pictures with it.
Please note the random fake bird
atop the random telephone booth
Rob, our 7th Day Adventist investigator is still pretty serious about Jospeh Smith being a false prophet because we go to church on Sunday instead of Saturday, but he's so willing to talk to us. S Woolsey and I pray and talk about what to do with him a lot. He would be an incredible member of the Lord's church, we just need to help him see that this is the Lord's church. And that keeping the Sabbath day holy is more important than what day we do it on.

We have so many less-active members that we see, but they all love us so much. One lady gives us bags and bags of apples and oranges. Another lady buys us cute scrapboooking stuff "just cause." One couple if we don't see them, calls us and makes sure we come over. One family as we leave always makes sure to say "don't stop coming!" as we walk to our car. One of the biggest life lessons learned on my mission so far is that everyone needs to be loved. Regardless of what choices we make in their lives, regardless of what church we go to or if we even go to church, regardless if we think we need to be: WE ALL NEED TO BE LOVED. So spread the love peoples.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. On Sunday, an unknown number texted us and asked how we were doing. We said we were great but that we didn't know who they were. The mystery person proceeded to tell us they would give us hints which included, "I recently heard it's all about the love." Which is what I bore my testimony about on Sunday, so we thought it had to be someone from church. We had no idea who it could be though and didn't want to play a guessing game with random strangers. The next hint was "I like the dark." By the time we got this message, we were home and S Woolsey went and turned on all our lights making sure no one was hiding somewhere in the apartment because we were thoroughly freaked out and thought someone was gonna try and kill us. We were still not responding when Roni called us about an hour later to let us know she got a cell phone. OH MY RONI. I literally fell over I was laughing so hard.

​I bought a plant!!
His name is Harold Pots
(per Roni's suggestion).
 He's an ivy plant.
Ivy is an English plant.
And his name is Harold Pots.
Which happens to sound
strikingly similar
to another
famous English name.
*cough* Harry Potter *cough*

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