Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Don't Worry, They're Fat Free

So Roni has a braille label maker,
and let us make our names in braille!! :D
So just FYI that says "Greta" in braille.
So I may or may not have bought two bags of marshmallows on a whim because they were on sale. It was a seriously an excellent sale, and marshmallows sounded heavenly. But don't worry, there was a big 'ol label on them that said they were "Fat Free, As Always." *phew* thanks marshmallow company, now I feel way better about my sugary purchases 😉

Guess where we had supper on Wednesday?? You'll never guess, so I'll just have to tell you. The Ukranian Catholic Church. Yes, the Ukranian part is an important part of the title because Alberta is just littered with Ukranians and their delicious foods. Once a month, the Ukranian Catholic Church puts on a big perogie supper fundraiser and a member took us! *NEW INFORMATION TIME*
The perogie supper 👌
Perogies are delicious little things. It's mashed potatoes and cheese stuffed inside a little dough encasing which is then boiled and served with sour cream and sometimes bacon bits or onions or something. They're incredibly delicious and Canadians are usually shocked when we tell them we'd never heard of perogies beofre coming to Canada. It's a staple up here. Literally. Instead of frozen burritos in the freezer section, they have frozen perogies. S Woolsey and are currently asking around for a recipe to make our own, so we'll let you know how that goes haha

This week we met a less-active that no one's heard from or seen for literally 10 years. She's actually moved and hasn't been in Vegreville for the last 3 years, but happened to be back when we knocked on her door because she's remodeling the house she used to live in. Everyone was seriously shocked when we started telling people we met her. She's only here for another month, but now she's found! Jesus said to go and find the one from the 99, and we, literally, found her haha We ended up going back over to her house a few days later to help her remodel and I used a nail gun for the first time in my life. I tell you what, I've never seen a more beautifully nailed baseboard.

Greg is doing really well right now. We got to have two lessons with him this week and he's reading the Book of Mormon and he came to the Vegreville service on Sunday and is meeting more members and I am PUMPED for when he gets up the courage to agree to this wonderful gospel. I think he already knows it's what he needs in his life, but he just needs the spiritual strength to start making some changes.

I got to give a talk again on Sunday at the Vegreville sacrament meeting. I gave basically the same talk as last time in that it was all about the Book of Mormon, but I had an epiphany literally while I was speaking. Moroni 10:3-5 promises that if you pray about the truthfulness about the Book of Mormon, then you'll receive and answer "by the power of the Holy Ghost." BUT Moroni also says that will only come if we have a sincere heart and real intent. I think I get real intent a little better now. I would always explain it as really intending to do something about the answer you receive.

But I also think that you can only really intend to do something with an answer about the Book of Mormon when you have some understanding of how important that knowledge is. This is literally eternal life, eternal happiness, salvation, all on the line here. The most important thing we could ever wonder or want an answer about. If the Book of Mormon is the truth, then this church is the way to get back to Heavenly Father; to have eternal life. And I know it is true. I wouldn't be here if I didn't.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

My llama dance
P.S. Y'all get a video this week. So we drove past a field of llamas and first instinct was obviously to stop and take pictures. As Sister Woolsey was posing for a picture she started doing what we decided to name "The Llama Dance." My contribution to the video is from a weird video on YouTube (I think) that I watched at some point in my life (I'm pretty sure) that had that *air quotes* song *air quotes* in it. So if you want this story to make sense, go ahead and watch the video.

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