Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It's Happening

So we're at 5 months now.
That's crazy.
So all that was happening was that we were being fed lunch at a big missionary meeting. We were sitting and had finished our lunch, but I needed a piece of cake or something and shared that information with Sister Woolsey. A couple seconds later I saw people coming out of the kitchen with trays of cookies and had a dramatic gasp to which Sister Woolsey replied, dead serious like it was the end of the world or something, "It's happening."

My first ever city night
We went on exchanges this week! I got to go into Edmonton with Sister Phillips! We were legit downtown. It was way cool, but growing up in Gridley and spending 5 months in Tofield, I'm definitely a small-town kinda girl. We got to ride the bus and talk to random people and visit lots of less-actives (kind of like Tofield eh?). Sister Phillips is awesome and we had a fun 24 hours haha

The cutest family ever moved to Vegreville! They're not members, but their uncle from British Clumbia (BC) is and had called and asked us to help them move in. They wife is from Mexico, the husband is from (BC) and they have an adorable little two year old. They all switch between Spanish and English all the time and it's so fun. The 2 year old especially switches back and forth a lot so she's hard to understand sometimes haha They love our guts though, and have already fed supper once when we helped them and asked us to come again this week. We're really hoping and praying that they'll be interested in the gospel and let us teach them because they're little family would be so blessed by this gospel.

I got to play the piano in primary on Sunday and I love it!! The Savior was a smart guy when he said we need to "become as a little child." They just love Jesus and they know he loves them. They're little spirits are so happy and they have the simplest, but purest testimonies. I hope I get to be a primary pianist as a calling someday because it was seriously so fun.

If we're supposed to learn from everything that happens in life, my life lessons learned this week are just don't choose to be offended and don't be dumb on the internet, especially not social medias. I wasn't the one experiencing these lessons, but we're all helping each other learn right? "O be wise; what can I say more." Jacob 6:12

Before exchanges, we got to have interviews with President Manion and he is such an awesome guy. He cares about all of us so much. All my questions I had for him about our area he basically said, "Hmm that's a tough one. Better pray about it." SO TRUE. We talked about that in the big missionary meeting, but about the people we teach. Sometimes it feels like we need to solve all their concerns and problems for them so they'll get over whatever it may be faster, but if we want true conversion, they need to solve their own concerns. And the only way they'll solve their concerns and I'll have,y questions answered about the area, and any person ever will have the answers they need is through the ultimate source of answers: prayer. Heavenly Father has all the answers, and sometimes we just need to ask for them to be able to have them too.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. So yesterday we'd had a bit of a long day and our nightly planning was taking longer than usual and we still had several phone calls to make that night. We were just feelin a bit...tired. While I was finishing up our last phone call, Sister Woolsey decided we needed some cheering up so she put on a dance production through the hallway and really just all arlund our whole apartment. I tell you what if you ever need a cure for feelin tired after a long day have someone dance like it's goin out of style while you're trying to have a phone call and you'll just about bust a gut.

I finally got to try 5 pin bowling


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