Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hotel! Hotel! Hotel!

​Took temple pictures
while we waited for exchanges
Well we'll start with some good news, we found a couple new investigators​ this week which is way happy! One's a girl that just graduated high school and another is a girl who's actually still in high school so we probably won't be the ones that actually get to keep teaching her. But that's ok! As long as people are hearin the gospel I don't mind who teaches them haha The girl that just graduated high school was raised Islamic and when her mom came over by us, they argued in some other language for a bit and then she randomly reverted back to English and said, "Mom! We're talking about Islam! It's fine!" Soooo it'll be fun next time we go over I'm sure haha

This week we got to help at a booth on Whyte Ave which is a really famous street in Edmonton that has all kinds of shops and restaurants. On Saturday we got to stand in front of the church building and try and get people to talk to us. It's seriously so fun. Ironically, I went to this booth way back in the day in my third week on the mission but kind of hated it because I didn't really particularly like talking to strangers at that point. I've come a long ways because it's seriously one of my favorite things now. We had a white board that said "Where does your inspiration come from?" I forgot to take a picture of it, but we had people write their answers and there were lots of cute ones. One little girl wrote "EVERYTHING" and lots of people said some variation of their family.

In the midst of learning about family history work.
I was done learning about it
(we already talked about this)
so I entertained myself with selfies
Since Sister Heredia's a new missionary, we have an extra hour of study everyday. This week we got to study about using family history work in our missionary work. I've never really been very good at family history work, and I'd never really made any efforts to use it in my missionary work. PLUS the website we were using kept crashing and it took waaaay longer than it was supposed to to learn about family history work. I was pretty done with it by the time we left the library, and didn't really have any intentions to change much about how I did missionary work in regards to family history work.

BUT SISTER HEREDIA, the incredible missionary that she is found family history pass along cards and has been handing them out like candy. One of our investigators was trying to tell us she didn't really want to learn anymore, but Sister Heredia whipped out on the family history cards and started explaining it and our investigator's totally interested again. I've been sufficiently humbled and have officially jumped on the family history band-wagon haha

Exchangin back
We went on exchanges this week and every single appointment that I had planned fell through, but we saw some incredible miracles, I tell you what. Sister Arnold and I stopped by a girl that we hadn't had contact with in months and we have an appointment for next week. We stopped by a less-active I'd never met and her brother answered the door and wants to learn about the gospel. We jumped on the LRT for a bit and decided to have a two-person flash mob (cause Sister Arnold is a flipping incredible singer and I'd told her about all the flash mob adventures). It was seriously so fun!

​Sister Arnold and I got ice cream
of course.
One of our less-actives this week said she doesn't come to church because she "doesn't care." I wish I could accurately explain to all of you how much those words have affected me. Saying "I don't care" is saying "Oh. I don't get to have the Holy Ghost with me all the time? I don't care." "The Savior of the world, my older brother, suffered unspeakable anguish for me? I don't care." "My family won't be together forever?" "I won't get to go to the celestial kingdom?" "I can have all the feelings of guilt and shame in life go away?" I don't care.

Don't you ever not care. This is the most important thing EVER.

​We completely accidentally
perfectly matched haha
I care. Holy cats I care. I want to be able to get up to heaven someday and have Christ say "Well done." I have to care for that to happen. I want to be able to spend eternity with my family now and whatever future family Heavenly Father has for me. I have to care for that to happen. I want to have the happiness that God promised I can have. I have to care for that to happen. So care ok?

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. Sister Heredia has been teaching me some Spanish and it's been way fun! We were talking about how I need to know how to ask for help or something, so she said, "What would you say if you were in Mexico and someone was chasing you?" I don't know. "No, like, what would you say if you were running and needed someone to give a ride back to your hotel cause somebody was chasing you?" I don't know! "No really, what would you say?" I have no idea! "Just try!" I don't know, I'd just yell out 'Hotel! Hotel! Hotel!' She then laughed for about 2 solid minutes and said, "Never go to Mexico by yourself. You will be kidnapped."

I've since improved and the video is me introducing us as missionaries in Spanish :D

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