Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Magic Key

We tried to take a selfie with the rainbow.
Didn't work obviously but it was still cute.

I can't let another week go past without talking about President Pattison! President and Sister Manion are back in Texas doing "Larry and Gail Manion" things and President and Sister Pattison are here to run the Canada Edmonton Mission! It's been great! He's already gotten
some new ideas rolling and he is so pumped to be here. We got to meet him a couple weeks ago and he and his wife are so nice. They're gonna do great things for this mission and I'm excited to be a part of it :D

So our investigator from last week that we weren't sure how old she is, is 18! So we get to teach her :) We saw her again and everything we taught seemed like it was definitely making sense in her head, but she kept saying "I just don't think I'm ever gonna be religious." She wouldn't come right out and say that she didn't want us to come over again though, so I kind of just kept talking until in the end we had another appointment set up with her this week haha Also, she loves Pokemon Go. They haven't technically released it in Canada, but people are downloading it from some other sketchy server. Literally so many people are obsessed with it haha

We had a great lesson with one of our less-actives this week. Her house is always full of family and friends running around all over the place, so the lessons are always a little crazy. Her dad was home this week though and sat in with us. After we said the opening prayer he stood up and walked in to the kitchen, so we thought he was leaving (which would have been a bummer) but he just got up to ask everyone to go to another room so we could have a lesson :D It was great! We taught about families and it was seriously such a blessing to have him there. He had great testimony to add about how important the gospel is for families.

​The Alberta Games ​
On Saturday we volunteered at Alberta Games which is basically a huge provincial wide tournament of all the sports. All of em. Football, swimming, dancing, triathlons. We just monitored the bouncy houses that they had for the siblings of the kids in the Games, but it was so fun. The one I was in charge of was actually an obstacle course bouncy house and there were some kids that kept doing it over and over so I would have them race or I'd time them or we'd come up with extra stuff they had to do through the whole course (for example run it backwards). I never got to try it #skirtprobs but it seriously looked so fun. The Games were in a town in our area that we don't get to go to very often. We stopped by a less active that we'd never met on our way home and she is the sweetest! She's terrified of driving in the city and is the only employee at her work so she has to work the Sundays. She's gonna meet us halfway next week though and we'll have dinner together :)

​Our singing group this week :)
This last Sunday we dubbed as "miracle day" :D We stopped by a referral after church and she is so ready for the gospel. When we got there her mom said she was in the shower, we figured we were about to be sent away, but she invited us in and we played with their hedgehog until she got out of the shower. She was seriously so nice and said that she feels like something's missing in her life and that she thinks it's a relationship God. Well cool beans it's literally our job to try and make that happen :D We're meeting with her again next week.

​It was pouring
and our parking spot
was blocked
so we had to walk
two blocks
back to our apartment.
Don't worry
I had my handy dandy
umbrella in the car :)
Another Sunday miracle, a guy we met at the Whyte Ave booth last week asked us to bring him an Book of Mormon in Arabic this week. He already had one in English, but reading in native language would definitely be more fun. We got the book, but couldn't go back to the booth, so we gave it to the Elders to give to him. They said he's been reading the Book of Mormon in English and loves it! They invited him to church and HE CAME. They have an appointment with him this week :D

One more Sunday miracle, we'd been in contact with a former investigator but hadn't been able to set a time to meet with her. She randomly texted us during church and said we could come over that night. She lived in that same town that we almost never go to, so we booked it over there Sunday night and had a lesson with her. She learned for years back in high school, but never felt like she "knew" that she was supposed to get baptized. We had a really great lesson with her, but she's still weary of committing to take the lessons again. We said we'd give her a few days to think about it and she said, "Well, I'm pretty busy the rest of July, but I should totally be free starting August." Hmm. We're pretty sure she's gonna let us over again haha

So we had to put up a CO detector,
but we don't have a drill.
The mission office said
to just hammer a screwdriver
into the wall to make a hole.
We don't have a screw driver.
Or a hammer. S
o I hammered my pencil into the wall
with a frying pan.
This was the finished product
of my pencil.
But that CO detector
 is up there
and never comin down.
The video is just me
hammering with my frying pan.
When I told Brad
(the sassy one that called me
a lying piece of crap a few weeks ago haha)
about it he said
"What do you think this is?
We also got to give talks on Sunday in Mt. Pleasant and neither of us really had much time to prepare a ton for them. They were great though and Sister Heredia is a rockstar (it was her first time giving a talk in English!). After church, a member came up to us and said that he had brought his friend to church who hadn't been to church in a long time and he said that our talks answered a lot of the concerns that he's been having with the church. Further evidence that the Lord makes happen what needs to happen, despite our human weaknesses getting in the way like not feeling prepared to give a talk.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. We were walking out of one the church buildings as the Mandarin Elders were walking up to it with two other people with them. The thing is with this particular church building, not many people actually have keys to get in, there's just a particular way to *ahem* finagle your way in. The Elders asked if we had the key and we said no, cause well, we don't haha They didn't have a key either but were fully aware of the finagling that they could do to get in, they just didn't necessarily want the other two people to be aware. One Elder said, "Ok well I'll go try our key (code for I'll go finagle) and you guys stay here and get introduced." We politely chatted with these two people (one of them was named Pegasus, so I mean, that's incredible) when the Elder came back over and announced that the key didn't work. I gave him confused look and he said under his breath "Or I'm apparently not strong enough." He borrowed our key to try again and tried ehh, finagling, a little harder. He got it and came back over and said "you guys must have the magic key." I agreed and did my best to hold in my laughter until we had at least pulled out of the parking lot.

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