Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Be Happy Forever

10th Red Dot Day
​That's 10 fingers up there. Count em.
Summer time is great. Warm weather, lots of sunshine, but in a YSA ward it means that people are moving in and out all the time. We've lost dozens of members to moves in both wards the past few weeks. Thursday we helped Brittany move to the other side of the city. Sad day that she's not in our area anymore, so we don't get to teach her, but way happy that she's living in apartment instead of the camper she's been living in for the past several months. It's seriously crazy how much love we have the capacity for. I just want SO BAD for Brittany to be happy. And every other person that we get to see. And all of you. And the world.

​Sister Heredia made me t
he cutest breakfast
in the world
for my 10th red dot day :)
We saw Ruben again and she hadn't read the Book of Mormon, but felt so bad that she hadn't. We had had a great training in district meeting the day before about having short powerful lessons with people. We hit 'em with the Spirit, then we leave and they recognize that those good feelings were coming from learning about the gospel. We just read a few scriptures with her and asked her to finish the chapter. We gave her kind of a taste tester and she seemed pumped to go dig in. (Gross, that was so cheesy. I already regret typing it)

​Our district
(plus a couple photobombers) a
t the temple this morning
Our mission president has asked us to meet with all the members of our wards across the whole mission to share a message about a new pattern for missionary work that he's created: pray, look, speak, invite. It's been great to be able to meet with all the members we have so far. Every one of them has been so willing to let us come over and help engage them in missionary work. We're gonna see miracles. So we've been having the members practice talking to their friends about the gospel with us and some people just do not like practicing haha But when we open our mouths, the Lord fills them and they've been great sports.

​I got to see Sister Woolsey at the temple!
We had a great lesson with the less-active that said she doesn't "care" this week. All we talked about was the Atonement. We read Alma 7 where it talks about everything Christ went through for us and how much he must love us to be willing to do that. It was powerful and she I think she definitely felt the Spirit asking her to care again. Jinny sent me a speech a while back that said, "We should not use appeals to pride or even to a rational calculation of what is in one's best interest: heaven or hell. The best way - the only way - to persuade people to repent and come unto Christ is to get them - to get us - to think about what He has done for us and especially what He has suffered for us. That is how Christ does it."

​We got to go the Legislature building
for FHE yesterday :D

Remember George? Probably not, but that's ok. We met him at a bus stop months ago and then it turned out that he lives in the building right behind ours. We see him all the time, but have never been able to teach him, until Saturday! We were walking past his house (like we do literally every day) and he came out and said hi to us. We asked if he had time to sit and talk, he did, so we talked. And talked. Holy man does he know how to talk haha I'm convinced though that meeting with him hadn't worked out before now because God was waiting for Sister Heredia to get here. Every time she talked and bore her testimony, you could see how much he was feeling the Spirit. He called us after we left and thanked us for coming over and talked about how good and enlightened he felt. He's such a great man who just needs the gospel. We all do.

​Kayla (fantastic hair)
let us raid her raspberry bush.
We had about 3 times as many as
what you see by the end.

We were walking past a guy rummaging through some stuff in his car and his license plate was from Washington! I got excited and said I knew people that lived in Washington so we chatted about life in Seattle (which is where he was from). He wasn't even remotely interested in the gospel, but gosh dang it he was the nicest guy. As we were walking away and saying goodbye he said, "Bye! Be happy forever!" So there you go. I'm extending Mellick's wisdom to all of you.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. For Brittany's move, we had a member of the bishopric come help since he has a truck. We were on our way back to her camper from her apartment after dropping off the load of stuff and I saw a Harvey's (fast food burger place up here). Supposedly they have really good Nutella milkshakes, so I was sharing my thoughts with everyone. 10 minutes later I was still talking about ice cream - my favorite shake flavors, how McDonald's has such a quality cone, the frequency of my ice cream eating - and Brother Miller said, "Alright let's go get some ice cream. Who has the best stuff?" I was a bit confused and he said "You've been talking about ice cream so much I want some. Where we goin?" I'm sure you all think I'm just being funny when I talk about how much I love ice cream. I'm serious. I love ice cream. On our way to McDonald's (for the ice cream) I said that the two things I talk about most are Jesus and ice cream. Brittany even said she remembered that when we met for the first time I kept talking about ice cream. It's real.

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