Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I'm Feelin Twenty-Too

​Just some birffday swingin
It seems like every time someone would ask me my age and I had to say "19," they'd get a sly smile on their face and I could almost read their mind, "Heh. That's cute. You think you're an adult." WELL GUESS WHAT WORLD I'M TWENTY NOW. *channeling inner-Pinocchio-voice* "I'm a real adult!" So there.

In other news it's been a great week! Last Tuesday we were stopping by an investigator and she introduced us to her neighbor. It ended up that we didn't even get to teach our investigator because her mom called her inside, but we sat and talked to her neighbor for a long time. She expressed a lot of

​I woke up to a birthday tree on Sunday :D
I ate the most delicious cupcakes
of my life
for breakfast
that Sister Heredia made
from scratch.
desire to come closer to Christ, but I'm not sure she was convinced we're the ones that can help her do that. She said we could come back though, so back we will go! She was kind of contentious at first actually and was just googling random things about mormons and telling us everything she was reading, which weren't necessarily very positive-feel-good things. We talked and gave her and she said she'd definitely check it out haha

This week might be
the last time we get to sing.
Transfers is makin stuff crazy.
We also went to stop by Ruben this week, and her sister answered the door. I thought it was Ruben though and started chatting up a storm with her and asked her if she had time for us to come in. She said "yeah sure" when Sister Heredia finally asked, "Is Ruben home?" I looked at her a bit shocked that she didn't recognize that we were already talking to Ruben and were about to have a lesson with her so I said, "This is Ruben." To which Ruben's sister said, "No, I'm Catherine." Dang it. In my defense, they look strikingly similar, have similar short blue-ish hair, talk the same, have the same mannerisms, but still. We've met with Ruben lots. I should know better. We taught Catherine anyways cause it turned out that Ruben wasn't even home. She's great and next time we'll go over I'll be real careful before I start dropping names.

​Temple selfie I forgot from last week
We've gotten to see several less-active that we haven't seen in a long time this week, so that's happy. With one, she's really struggling with all things church-y, so we've been struggling to know what to teach her to help her progress in the gospel. We finally decided to just take some time to talk about how awesome her family is, how awesome our families are and how much God must love us to give us such great people.

WHICH IS SO DANG TRUE. God loves us so he gives us families to learn how to recognize and understand that love. I love my family. Seriously. I love them. So dang much. They're flippin awesome. Even from a gazillion miles away they made sure to make me feel loved for my birthday. And every other day of the year. I'm glad I get to spend eternity with them :)

​We had a little shindig for the Elders
going home this transfer
after district meeting.
Listen. There a million more things I want to write about, but this is already getting lengthy. So here goes a crash course of some things I've learned this week: you can't drive a parked car (think about it), sometimes when we pray the answer is no (and that's ok!), the world is good (no matter how bad the news makes it seem), and we can choose to be happy regardless of situation/location/timing/influence (even if it seems like you can't).

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

It seriously rained so hard
that major road by our house flooded
and firemen had to blow up rafts
to rescue the cars that were stuck in the water.
P.S. Fun fact about Alberta summers: there are crazy thunderstorms that just show up whenever they feel like it. Literally almost at random. We've gotten several severe thunderstorms this week. It seriously rains so hard that I would reach down to up the speed the windshield wipers only to discover they're already going as fast as they can. We were just getting home in the middle of the worst part of one of the storms and we only had one umbrella in the car. I told Sister Heredia to take the umbrella and I would just run for it. 5 seconds into my 50-meter dash to our building, light flashed and thunder boomed literally exactly simultaneously. I screamed, my heavens I screamed and sprinted like I've never sprinted before in my life. Through the puddles across the grass, I don't think I've ever run so fast in my life. By the time I got to the building, I was so wet I had to change clothes. Later in the week, there was another storm that we had to run through to get to the building and I was wearing that same dang skirt, and I ended up having to change again because it got so wet. Again.

The video is me singing Families Are Forever when I was...not 20 haha It just seemed fitting for this week AND I'm eating ice cream.

Bonus ice cream picture

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