Tuesday, August 9, 2016

So We're Dropping the Bass?

​Our old district leader blew up balloons
with his nose once,
so we wanted to try.
It's really not hard at all haha
I'll just go ahead and start with the title story today. Happy news, we still got to sing this week! Some new people came that like to sing so we're gonna keep doin it! New people means that we need to re-practice everything though, so we spent a bit of time learning the parts on some hymns. We have one Elder that
​Went for the double.
can sing tenor, but doesn't quite have the range for the bass part. We were discussing our options, and we decided that some of us sisters who have a range that goes a bit lower will just join with him on the tenor parts and we'd just skip the bass part. I was about to start plunking everyone's notes when I looked up for confirmation one more time and said, "So we're dropping the bass?" 100% unintentional. I didn't even realize how horrifically punn-y what I had just said was until a solid 5 seconds later.

In other news we're doing great! Tuesday night our zone leaders introduced us to a new investigator and she had us play bean-boozed. Blech. I swore when I played it last Christmas in Tofield and ate the throw up one I would never play again, yet there I was, chewin away on some canned dog food. She's super nice though! She kept saying she has faith, just not in God. In life. I asked her what that means and she said "ya know. Life." Oh right. Silly me haha She said we could come back and teach her about God though.

We went to lunch yesterday
with the Bearspaw and Lakewood sisters!
If you can remember 10 months ago
way back in MTC days
that's Sister Smith in the green!
My (Australian) MTC companion!
She's actually being transferred
to Tofield today :D
(Tofield's the best)
On Friday we went to stop by Ruben and saw her little sister Catherine again! CRAZINESS she's been attending the Christian camp that our investigator Dene's been working at all summer! I asked her if she knew Dene and apparently everyone goes by "camp names." So I had to show her a picture for her to recognize Dene, who she calls "Dreamer" haha It was fun.

We also got to see the less-active that said a few weeks ago that she doesn't "care." We taught her the Restoration and she said probably about 12 more times that she just doesn't care. It didn't have the same effect on me this time though. It still made me sad, but it just made me me want to care more. In her own words, she said that her heart is "hardened" to it. It just makes me think about how eventually "every knee shall bow" and "every tongue confess." And how Alma talked about how it's way better to choose to be humble than to be "compelled to be humble."

Saturday we went to the Whyte Ave booth for the last time, since it's out of our area now that Gateway has moved buildings for church. Sister Heredia and I talked to a guy named Rob who wants to learn and it turns out that he lives in the area that Sister Hill covers! I realize all of you probably don't remember Rob from Tofield, but I'll just say that it's incredibly ironic that now there's a Rob in our lives again.

​We got to make pupusas last Tuesday!!
They're El Salvadorian
and absolutely delicious.
So Mt. Pleasant is at 9 in the morning now and Gateway is at 1 in the afternoon, so we get to go to 6 hour of church on Sundays from here on out! I kind of actually loved it. Like a lot. There are such great people in both wards and I love getting to hear about the gospel, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting to go to both wards every Sunday now.

Let me catch you up on some peoples! Kim, from forever ago, the lady that we only got to meet with once then had to pass her over to the missionaries in her area, who I absolutely LOVED, is doing fabulous. She's on date and is still an absolutely incredible human being. She called us the other day and I asked her what she's most excited about being baptized and she said to have the gift of the Holy Ghost: "It just seems so wonderful to be filled with His light all the time." Melted my little heart. LRT success story right there. Also, Trudi, from back in the tri-pan days is on date as well!! We got to go to a lesson with her last night and watch it happen! Her Elders asked her to be baptized, she said yes, they gave her September 10th as a day to prepare for and she got right up, walked over to her calendar on the fridge and wrote it down! Street contacting success story!

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I could legitimately probably keep doing this for the rest of my life.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. I wish you could all have come and sat in on the lesson with Trudi last night. She and a lady in the ward are basically bffs now and they are the funniest people you'll ever meet. I don't even have any idea how to even attempt to convey how much we laughed. So this isn't really a funny for all of you, but just an acknowledgement of how insanely funny Trudi and Mary are.

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