Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Can I Give You Guys a Hug?

Throwback to Tofield and Roni, we've been going back and forth for a few weeks talking about Christmas and today she said "only 40 just like Noah" hahaha So just so you all know, it's only 40 days until Christmas. Sister Van Vleet and I were talking about decorating for Christmas, and I mentioned that there was already a Christmas tree in the apartment. I pulled it out and plugged it in just to show her, and it hasn't been put away. Christmas lights are also on our shopping list today.

We've had an awesome week! We went on exchanges with Drayton Valley and Sister Schatmeier came in to Belmead with me! We both agreed it was the least exchange feeling exchange we've ever had haha It was fun to have her back for a day though! We saw Chrissy and she still has some worries about being baptized, so she wants to wait a bit. She sill totally wants to be baptized and wants to come to church, we just need to help her build her faith and trust in the Lord.

Sister Van Vleet and I were doin some good ol' fashioned door knocking one night and the first several doors, no one was home. We knocked on one house, they turned the porch light on, looked out the window and saw it was us, and turned the light off. Also it was raining. I was feelin a little less than excited about the night ahead of us. The next house though, the girl that answered the door told us she had just recently been discovering God and wanted to find more positive things to fill her life. AWESOME SAUCE that we like to do! Turns out she didn't even live there, so she doesn't usually answer the door and she was sick so double reason not to answer the door. We got her number and before we left she said "Can I give you guys a hug?" I felt loads better after that :D

Another incredible door knocking experience from the week! A super nice lady answered the door who had wanted to come closer to God her whole life and decided to do something about it when she was nine! We talked to her about how great God is and read from the Book of Mormon with her. She wasn't interested in learning more, but before we left she said, "Can I pray with you?" Ummmm yes please! She said a very sweet prayer asking Heavenly Father to bless us. 

This Friday was Remembrance Day which is Canada's version of Veteran's Day. We went to a really cool service at the mall where they had a bunch of armed forces marching all over the place. There were also about 12 bagpipes and a drum line. My heavens it made me miss my high school bang days. I talked to one of the drummer's afterwards and he said I could join their drum line anytime. At one point a minister from a church got up and gave a really insightful speech on war. I wish I could have a transcript of the whole speech it was seriously so good, but my favorite part was when he said to remember that, "Our enemy is not our fellow man, but the forces of darkness."

So the library is being overrun with children and there are a million things we want to do today so thus ends this week's email haha

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. Last night at family home evening we played a game where we were blind-folded and had to go find things in the kitchen and take them back to the Relief Society room. I don't even remember what the message was behind the game, but Sister Van Vleet and I went hard. There's a video I'll attach in another email :D

I have no idea what order the pictures are in, but enjoy. I'll let you decipher what's what.

So this is only the last minute and a half of the whole adventure. We were supposed to find a bunch of different things including one of my name tags hidden in a "metal container"

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