Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Neighbourhood Watch

​I don't really have any words for this one
Where does time even go? I cannot believe that it's already been a week. Cannot. Don't tell Sister Van Vleet. She doesn't like to talk about time passing with home just being a few weeks away haha

I wish I could just show you our calendar so you could see how crazy our life has been lately. We've been blessed with so many wonderful people in our lives. We went back over to a family's house we'd tracted into last week and taught the Restoration. At the end we asked the mom if she knew anyone who needed to hear this message about God's love and she said, "Yeah, my husband!" So next time we go over, we'll have the whole family!

​All our homies at Family Home Evening
One lady we're teaching knows the Bible better than anyone I've ever met in my life. She literally just reads the Bible. All day. It's incredible. We'll be talking about something and she'll drop some reference to a Psalm or the middle of Deuteronomy or 1 Corinthians. It's the coolest thing ever. We gave her a book with the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price because she wants all the scripture she can get. 

The member we have come to her lessons is the greatest member missionary I've ever met in my life. She literally does our work for us. She'll get in contact with our investigators, set up lessons with them at her house, and then invite us over. She gave one of our investigators a ride to church and texted us afterwards telling us all about the talk they had driving home where she told our investigator how important it is for her to get baptized. My heavens I love it. 


Seriously so fun!
Exchanges this week were so fun. Sister Fisher came to Belmead with me and we seriously saw so many miracles in one day it would blow your mind. Adam's probably the miracliest miracle though. He was walking his dog and we talked to him for a long time, taught him about God and the Book of Mormon, got his address to meet again and he is now an investigator! We met with him yesterday and he's seriously awesome. He's never really had religion in his life before, but he's so open to learn about it. We're way excited to see how he continues to progress in the gospel. Another miracle is that while we were tracting a super nice girl from Poland let us in, and it was Sister Fisher's first time EVER being let in to someone's house.

​We stopped in 7-11 to use the washroom
(again, gotta use the Canadiadn words,
I'm in Canada)
and the cashiers told us when we walked in
that if we turned out shirts inside out
we'd get a FREE medium Slurpee.
You know I'm down for that. 
We've had a lot of opportunities to talk to new people this week and it's been awesome. Our next week is filling up with people who are willing to let us talk to them which is seriously just the best. We met a super nice Jehovah's Witness a few days ago who let us in right away. We had an awesome discussion about our beliefs versus their beliefs, our missionary work versus their witnessing. She wasn't interested at all, but just so dang nice. I'm excited for the day when random strangers knock on my door and I get to be nice to them. We're compiling a list of people who are nice to us that we're going to go Christmas carol to next month. 

Once again, life is good, the sun is shining, the gospel is true, goldfish are delicious. 

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​My funny pose
was just to copy the pose President Pattison
always does.
Funny picture or not.
P.S. We were walking around a neighbourhood, as we so often do, and some homeboy came up behind us and said "Hey I'm with Neighbourhood (Gotta spell it like a Canadian, I'm in Canada) Watch..." and then he looked down at our name tags, got all red and said "Oh...uhh..." You better watch out for those crazy sister missionaries. They'll getchya. We'll even offer to rake your leaves for you. Disgraceful. Don't worry, we left him with our card and an invitation to learn about Jesus haha

P.P.S. 47 days until Christmas!

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