Tuesday, November 1, 2016


SISTER VAN VLEET IS BACK. LITERALLY THE HAPPIEST OF THE HAPPIES. When President called and told me I gasped for a solid 5 seconds. It's pretty crazy since she's going home the end of this transfer and we've already been companions for two transfers BUT THAT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER. SO. HAPPY.

​We carved a pumpkin for Halloween :D 
This week has been awesome! I run into the same dilemma every week of not know where to start and not knowing which stories to include haha We've been working hard and are seeing some cool miracles! We've been tracting several times this week and people actually let us in! It's incredible! One lady in particular said she'd actually met with missionaries a long time ago and already had a Book of Mormon. We had a great discussion about the Restoration and she said she wanted to see more support from the Bible, so we gave her lots. We're excited to see her again this week. 

​The sisters in Red Deer found this sign
and took a picture
according to how they thought
I would have taken a picture.
I Approve.
Chrissy blows my mind. I just love her to death. Crazy things are goin' down for her right now, but she just loves her kids and everyone around her so much. In figuring out what to do moving forward, she is constantly thinking about how it affects everyone else. We had a powerful lesson with her on Sunday. My heart just explodes with love for her. The love I feel for her and the love I know Heavenly Father feels for her. We literally just got a text from her as I was typing this out that is just full of how much faith she has. She's the best. 

We got to sing with the primary kids for the primary program in Belmead this Sunday. They asked us to come up and sing along to "We'll Bring the World His Truth." I've sung that song a million times, but it's never felt so real before. I am the Lord's missionary, bringing the world His truth. Every day I'm reminded of just how true it is as I live it, as I study it, as I see the difference it makes in people's lives. 

​Our last seflie.
Obviously it had to be a temple selfie.
I love being here. I said to Sister Van Vleet this morning, I wish everyone could just come up here and I could just keep being a missionary but still get to see and hang out with everybody but still get to teach people. *sigh* If only.

Opposites are real. In order to understand that God is real, we have to understand that Satan is real. If Satan is real, then God has to be real. We've seen that so much this week. In people's lives, in the scriptures, it's everywhere. Even Joseph Smith. Before he had his vision of the "pillar of light" he was engulfed in a "thick darkness." It's a perfect contrast. Satan is darkness. God is light. When we go through hard things and understand how real the adversary is it just sets us up to understand how real God's love is. "The greater our sorrow, the greater our capacity to feel joy."

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​The tri-pan reunited! Only for a couple minutes, but still! :D
P.S. Basically every second Sister Van Vleet and I spend together could qualify for this part of my letters, but I'll go with the picture from the top. Sister Van Vleet was getting all settled and unpacked when she couldn't open the bottom drawer of the desk. She had already opened it before and put things in there, but for whatever reason, she couldn't get it open. We both tried everything we could think of to get that drawer open. She was shoving knives in the cracks to try and get rid of something that might be jamming it.
​Went to a super cute/mildly famous bakery in our area
and Sister Van Vleet had her first macaroon!
We both tried propping both feet against the desk and yanking as hard as we could. We tried gently opening it. We tried just shaking it around. We couldn't get it. We decided our next option was to prop the desk on its side to see if maybe something would just magically fall into place. It didn't work, so when I grabbed the desk to put it back down, my finger touched the little metal piece that was locking the drawers. You barely have to touch it and the drawers open right up. A solid 30 minuets later, we put the desk back in its place and she finished unpacking.

​Ring Pops as an anti-trunky for Sister Van Vleet since she goes home in 5 weeks.

​And ice cream of course.

Bonus picture, she also tried to bring her stuff from the car to the house in a grocery cart someone left in front of our house. She may have run into the house a few times.

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