Tuesday, December 20, 2016

All We Have To Do Is Live the Gospel

​We made sister missionaries!
Anthony gave his first talk on Sunday and at one point he said "All we have to do is live the gospel and endure to the end." It only got to be a couple minutes long because the rest of the program was all musical numbers. I literally was smiling like such a fool through the whole time he was speaking haha I felt like those parents that clap extra loud when their kid has his first part in the school Christmas program or something. Literally so happy. He brought his son again who's making friends with other kids at church and invited one of his friends to come hear him speak :D

We went on exchanges with the Callingwood Park sisters this week and I go to to go with Sister Ard over to their area. We had so much fun! We were able to teach a lot of people and talk to a million more. Lots of people had warned us that it was going to be pretty cold and windy that day, so we prayed several times just to have somewhere warm and safe to go. Miracles, a member called us at 10:45 when we were finishing up studies and invited us over for lunch and cookie decorating with their family! I was seriously so happy haha Answers to prayer is real. We ended up delivering a ton of cookies to some of their investigators.

​The Pattisons :D
It ended up going from -22 to -17 by the end of the night and I said to Sister Ard it literally felt warm at -17 compared to -22 haha Today it's only -6 and Sister Hollon and I didn't even wear coats because we were too hot with them on. True Canadians.

We also had Christmas Conference this week and it was so dang fun. Sister Hollon and I were in charge of a Family Fued game so I got to whip out my Steve Harvey skills. We played another gift exchange game and I won a pig that snorts when you honk it and I love it so much. I named him Link. Sister Hill gave a little talk as well which is wonderful cause I love her. It was basically all musical numbers otherwise and it was awesome.
​Elder Collins got a horse in the gift exchange
and named him Rhett.
I got my pig and named him Link.
 Sister Schatmeier got the alligator/crocodile
that I put in as my present from the exchange. 
Our Mary Did You Know group has been dubbed "Missionatonix" by the Pattisons. We got to go sing at the second Christmas conference as well and are singing one more time this Friday at a live nativity in a city outside of Edmonton. We also got to sing at the Food Bank haha We're just singing all over the place this year.

​Decorating cookies!
We met with a lady named Nicky this week who is so great! She and her kids all want to come to church and learn about God. We're so excited for them. She's been texting us and working with both our schedules to be able to meet. This is incredible. People avoid meeting with us as much as possible, but she's making time for us. Literally I don't know how to adequately explain how happy this is.

​People have fun reflective wreaths on their doors.
One lady opened her door
when we were making faces in her wreath...
but it was fine she actually let us in
and we got to teach her
Well homies I have about a million more more things I have to do today, but I hope you all have a splendid Christmas (seeing as it's only in FIVE DAYS). I know Imma be havin' a good time talking to my favorite people in the whole world.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. So knocking on strangers' doors is usually quite the adventure haha This week a lady sang the words "Oh Jesus how I love you" to the tune of "Go Tell It On the Mountain to Sister Ard and I. The real story this week though is from Sister Hollon while I was in Calingwood. She went up to a house and saw a sign that said "No solicitors, fliers, or Jehovah Witnesses." Well my cheeky little companion knocked on that door with no shame haha The guy answered the door, looked right at them, looked at his sign and looked back at them. She held up her hadn and said "Technically, we're not Jehovah Witnesses. We're Mormons." To which he responed "Oh, ok well come one in. Share what you have to share." Hahaha I literally laughed so hard when she told me that story.

​Sneak peek of the matching onsies we bought at West Ed today


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