Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Scooby Did You Know?

​This one's from last week.
We helped make little Christmas
goodie bags for refugee kids :)
Merry Christmas in 363 days!

What a week homies. What. A. Week.

Obviously it was Christmas and Christmas is the greatest and it was a wonderful day and I loved it so much. I got to talk to my favorite people in the whole world so that was awesome :D We had crepes for lunch with some members which is what my family always Christmas morning. Tender mercy. Later we had dinner with an older lady in the ward and it was quite literally a feast. There wasn't enough room on the table to bring all the food in, so they'd bring it out one dish at a time and have us dish up. We were so full haha We finished off the night caroling with our extended district. It was a ton of fun. Elder Cheng made up a song about Christmas that is half English and half in Chinese. I'll try and get a video for you cause it's incredible.

​We had an Ugly Christmas Sweater shindig for ZTM :D

​Patricia in Coronation Park ward
took us for Christmas Eve brunch
to a cute little bakery
Christmas Eve was quite the adventure haha We resurrected our flash mobbing and took on one of the world's biggest malls. Thaaaat's right. We flash mobbed West Edmonton Mall. We had our little missionatonix group get together as well as some more missionaries from this side of this city and sang our little hearts out. I've had a cold for the past little while, so I volunteered to be the videographer, but still tried to get some sound out for when we'd walk to a new location in the mall and sing Mary Did You Know. I tried to sing something to Sister Hollon last night and we agreed I sound like a goat at this point haha

​The Woodruffs from Tofield
came to the live nativity!
Sister Hill and I spent Christmas
with them last year so it was fun
to see them for Christmas again!
We told the family that had us over for lunch about our flash mobbing adventures and one the kids burst out "Wait, that was you guys??" You better believe it. There was a lady from Saskatchewan that came up to me and another Sister afterwards and asked about church and what time to go. She said she'd never been to church in Edmonton and was just thinking about figuring out how to get to church that morning and then we showed up and flash mobbed. Holy awesome.

​So this is Jenna!
She is literally such a cool cat
and actually went on the same trip
to Romania as Melissa
so we were instantly best friends
because we both love Melissa so much.
We also got to go out to a littler city called Spruce Grove and sing at a live nativity Friday night. It's pretty famous and there were a lot of people there. I actually saw a few people that I knew from Tofield and Mt. Pleasant and Gateway which was way fun. We got to watch the live Nativity as well and it was so sweet. We stood outside in the snow while they had Mary and Joseph looking around for a place to stay. I love Christmas.

As far as teaching people this week, almost everyone fell through, but it was kind of a miracle anyways since I was sick. As we were walking out of the mall we were trying to guess how many people saw us flash mob. It was probably over a thousand people realistically. A thousand people saw the little black badge as they felt the Spirit of Christmas listening to Hark the Herald Angels Sing. A thousand people will someday again see those badges on two people knocking on their doors someday and remember the Spirit they felt in West Edmonton Mall on Christmas Eve that one time.

​The flash mobbers!
Except Elder Saumweber
cause he's hiding behind Elder Bonny
like a poop.
Which I realized so I had us
take another picture,
but he just hid again.
So I told him I was going to call him out in my email.
So there.
Sister Hollon and I gave a training in ZTM about not thinking about numbers, but thinking about loving people and I was almost overwhelmed with the love of missionary work. I say it all the time, but I hope it really translates to all of you how much I love this. As I bore my testimony of the power of love, my mind was flooded with memories of love for so many people I've gained through the past 15 months. They're memories I'll cherish forever.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​Sister Hanks, McSweeney,
and I all came out 15 months ago
P.S. So Sister Waite in missionatonix kept saying she thought she heard someone singing "Scooby did you know?" towards the end of the song and we would all just kind of laugh, but Sister Hollon and I totally heard it. I'll attach a video of it. It literally sounds exactly like Scooby did you know. Bonus story though: Last night we were at dinner with the Tegge family and Alyssa was saying a prayer on the food and she said something along the lines of "And please bless the sisters in all their...endeavors...I was gonna say righteous endeavors, but their missionaries. Hopefully all their endeavors are righteous." Oh my heavens that was not a very reverent prayer from that moment on.

​Merry Christmas ya filthy animal. And a Happy New Year.

P.P.S. Forgot the Scooby video. It's right at the beginning so be ready. Also, please appreciate Elder Bonny's commentary.

P.P.S. Sorry. One more. Sister Hill goes home in a week. She came to West Ed today and I got to see her! 😄

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