Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I Already Know It's True

​I learned how to make bannock this week! 
Ya know, I'm sure you're all sick and tired of hearing how fast time is going by, but this is a real thing. I don't understand where on earth time has gone. ​I got to be with Sister Waite on her first exchange yesterday and we got a call from the mission office in the middle of a role play during companionship study to ask me what airport I plan on flying home to. WHAT. I have some good goals for the rest of my mission though, don't fret. Imma keep goin strong to the end.

Sunday was so crazy! We had a new investigator Waylind come to church for the first time and he's planning on being baptized end of March! We're so happy fro him. The ward was great in supporting him and he is so sincere in wanting to know what God wants him to do. He told his friends he wanted a church to go to and stay so his friend referred him to President Pattison who referred him to us. He's seriously so great.

​New Year's Eve with Dan and Chantal Wood.
They are the ultimate member missionaries
and are one of the cutest couples I've ever seen
Sunday morning the Coronation Park Elders called us and said someone was going to be at the church at 1:00 expecting to pick up a Bible. We had totally forgotten when a member came in to the chapel and said someone was looking for us in the foyer. We ran back out and unfortunately didn't have an extra Bible with us, but we pulled out the Book of Mormon and started teaching him about and he said, "Oh, that's the one I wanted." Well perfect! We were talking about how if he prayed as he read then he would be able to know by the Holy Ghost that is was true and he responded, "I already know it's true." Well perfect!

​So it's hard to read, but the guy's sign says
"The experience will move you,"
as he's shooting finger guns.
In Sunday School on Sunday we were all going around and introducing ourselves and Uttra said something along the lines of "Hi, I'm Uttra. I've been coming to church and joined about two months ago." Sister Hollon and I looked at each other and have plans to speed up her teaching by a million so she can be baptized haha She already has the mindset that this is her church. I love it so much. She is so great.

We taught Anthony about patriarchal blessings on Saturday and you could see it on his face that he wants one so bad. I love watching him progress in the gospel. Every new thing that we present to him about the gospel he's always so hungry for more. His testimony is just incredible.

​Sister Waite and I had matching socks!
Going on an exchange with Sister Waite was ridiculous amounts of fun. Literally we just laughed all day. It was about -20 yesterday and we had a couple solid hours of tracting planned, but we seriously had a blast. She's an awesome missionary and it was such a blessing to get to spend the day with her. We saw an investigator we hadn't been able to see in a couple months and had a great lesson with Albert and the kids. I was trying to keep track of the funny things that were happening yesterday so I could tell you all about them, but there were too many. Just know, I laughed. Lots.

Sister Hollon has this cute tradition every New Year to make a wish, set a goal, and make a promise to God. It was really fun and very reflective for me looking at this next year for me. My promise was basically just to seek out the will of God and do it, whatever it is. That's something I've really tried to learn how to do in my missionary work, so it will definitely apply to the next three and a bit months. But I want that to be how I live my life all the time, doing whatever God wants me to.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

I noticed that I accidentally bit my toast
into the shape of an inukchuk
(spelling? I don't know, google it.)
this morning.
I was literally so happy.
P.S. So we were tracting yesterday and we we both needed to pee so bad. This is a poor circumstance to be in when you've already been laughing all day. We just finished tromping through the snow like crazy people as we walked up to one of the last doors. We were both standing there trying to compose ourselves when we looked down and saw these super fancy tiny colorful decorative feet that looked like they were trying to support Hitler. Ohhhh my goodness we about peed our skirts. We giggled about the festive swastika feet the rest of the day.

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