Tuesday, January 24, 2017

For Heaven's Sake

It's hard to make a 16 with ten fingers.
I still have no idea where time has gone.
My goodness. It somehow feels like last Tuesday was an eternity ago, but yesterday. I legitimately don't understand. BUT LIFE IS SO DANG GOOD.

Last week with the new missionaries was insane amounts of fun. The sister I went contacting with was just a natural. I handed her a card and said "your turn" and without hesitation she just grabbed it and started talking to everyone. We walked past a car dealership and showed these two guys a sign that says "Jesus Loves You." One guy kept pointing to the other but we couldn't understand so we just smiled and walked away. We went back and showed them a sign that said to check out Mormon.org. The one guy pointed at the other guy again and he mouthed "I am Mormon." Hahaha We literally laughed so hard.

Uttra is still so incredible. We're kind of in crunch time now trying to make sure we teach her everything before the 4th. She made the suggestion to us to like meet a bunch of times and is so dedicated to coming to church. She just loves it so much it's so fun.

This we went back over to an investigator's house only for the second time and he had read so much of the Book of Mormon. He opened with "sorry I didn't get to read very much" but he had actually read significantly more than any other investigator reading it for the first time than I've ever seen. He totally understands how important all this is. He said himself that he just needed to pray about it.

Sister Heredia
is training a new missionary!!
Oh my goodness
I was literally so pumped.
We taught our DJ Terry again this week. He just loves our guts haha He tries to get us to come to his shows all the time and we always remind him that we legitimately choose to not do that stuff for a year and a half haha We taught about the Book of Mormon and I just love talking about it. I've gained such a deeper testimony of the Book of Mormon as I've taught about it, studied about it, and had it answer my questions. It's literally one of my most treasured possessions. I thought about just last night that if there were a fire and I only had time to grab one thing, I would legitimately run for my scriptures.

His Hands starts soon! We have a mini performance on Sunday night and then our first full fireside is next Tuesday night! We're so excited. We've talked to so many people about it and members are so excited to invite their friends. We're going to be seeing some miracles.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. On Sunday in our Gospel Principles class our teacher had us play Jenga throughout the lesson. Sister White had never played Jenga before, so she went up and started poking all the blocks. She at first was trying to sneakily hold up the tower as she kind of pushed it over. Our ward mission leader said "Sister White I think you're cheating." To which she responded "Shhh." Then she had no shame and she just grabbed the whole tower with her hand to grab the one block. We were all dying laughing. She was supposed to give a little spiritual thought after pulling the block out, so she tried to bring in the Spirit. We were all laughing too hard to even try to listen. She finally gave up and just ended with "And for heaven's sake don't cheat." 

We had mini group funny pictures instead of one huge group funny pictures.

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