Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Would They Dare?

​Literally wanted us
to drive right through the houses.
I got to go on another exchange with Sister DeMillard this week :D It was our third round haha We always have so much fun together though! We knocked on a guy's door, offered a cool video to watch about the New Year and he said, "Oh man, sorry, but I'm making a grilled cheese right now." Ya know, I can't even be mad. Grilled cheese sandwiches are an important part of life. We got ice cream and fries and our GPS app on our iPads told us to cut through a field and some houses to get where we needed to go haha It was a great day!

So much fun :D
Back in the end of November Sister Van Vleet and I knocked on a lady's door and she said she was busy making cookies (I seem to be noticing a trend) but that she wanted us to come back another time. Oh my goodness we went back and her name is Freda and she is incredible. We would talk about going to church or reading our scriptures or praying and then she would say "Well I better start doing that then!" She literally committed herself to come to church. We are so excited!

​We have twin CTR rings :D
We met with a man named Terry again this week and he is so flipping awesome. We taught him the plan of salvation and he just loved everything we had to say about it. As we were leaving he set up another appointment with us and then invited the member that we brought to come along again himself!
Every time we explain any mission rules though he complains so much haha "You're a bunch of teenagers! If you want to go home at the end of the night and watch Star Wars you should be able to do that!"

Charlene was finally back in town this week and she came to church! It was so good to see her again after her being gone for so long. She's recommitted to baptism and the ward sounds excited to help her! It was so fun to be able to teach her. It was so obvious that she was really feeling the Spirit. She kept talking about how meeting with us makes her feel happy and my little heart just kept melting every time.

Sister Hollon and I were listening to I Love the Lord this morning which is 2 Nephi 4 put to the song of Be Still My Soul and oh my heavens I love it so much. 2 Nephi 4 is one of my favorite chapters and Be Still My Soul is one of my favorite songs. I just feel so empowered every time I read or listen to any and all of the song or the scripture.

I'm so sorry I know a million other things have happened this week I just don't have the patience to keep thinking of them and typing them out.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. We went to drop off a cake to a family in the ward and our plans were rather foiled. Snow is not conducive to sneakiness. We tried to casually go up the ramp attached to their porch, but every step we took was a crunch. We put the cake down, rang the doorbell and ran back down the ramp. We made it halfway down the block and turned around to watch them come to the door. They never came, so we went back and knocked figuring the doorbell didn't work or something. I knocked and ran, but they still didn't come. We went for round 3, but had to wait for their neighbor to go inside because we didn't want him to see us. Two girls in giant black coats running away from a house seems suspicious haha Sister Hollon was stuck poised on their front steps for a solid 2 minutes. I was waiting down on the sidewalk so there weren't as many footsteps running away. The second Sister Hollon knocked the door flew open and the member said "GOTCHYA." I booked it. I was literally halfway down the street when I looked back and saw that Sister Hollon was still standing on the porch laughing her head off. I went back up and they heard the doorbell, but also heard us run away so they figured it was a prank. When they heard us coming back up for the second time, they watched us but didn't come to the door because she wanted to see "would they dare come back for a third time?" Well we did. Missionaries are persistent. They were gonna get that cake.

 Rock through the dimensions

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