Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Don't Lick His Face

So we had another cold snap
and we were hitting -30 windchills again,
but we're supposed to have
temperatures on the positive side
of the scale the rest of the week.
Spring is coming :D
We had supper out at a member's pond a few days ago and his 3 year old grandson wanted more chocolate milk. The grandpa jokingly suggested licking off the milk moustache from his older brother. Apparently chocolate milk is chocolate milk to 3 year olds because without hesitation he stuck his tongue out and went for his brother's face haha The kids' dad had to come pull the younger brother off his older brother he was so determined to get that chocolate milk.

It's been an incredible week! Last Tuesday night we made a plan with our investigator Peter to quit smoking. We set specific cut backs and checkpoints and he's been doing so great. He's going to be baptized in April and he came early to church on Sunday to shovel all the sidewalks! The ward loves him and he just fits right in.

Little Library + Book of Mormon
= Happy Sister Missionaries
A recent convert Elizabeth has a 9 year old son Alex who also wants to be baptized next month! Alex is pretty shy, so when we first brought it up he refused and talked about how crazy it is, but had a sneaky smile the whole time. Elizabeth kept prodding him and pointing out his little smile, and by the time we left he said "Ok! Ok! I'll be baptized!" He was so funny. We could see how bad he really wanted to, he's just nervous of the unknown like we all are.

Someone gave us a
Boat in a Bottle Kit!
Holy fun.
We now know the secret!
The calibrar of the people here is seriously so inspiring. There are so many people in just terrible situations, but they just grin and bear it. They have faith that it'll all work out, and it totally will; it's just so cool to see people really have the trust and patience to endure well to the end. It really inspires me to never complain. There really is always something good. Our attitude is a choice.

So I've been doing My Plan, which is a program that helps missionaries in their last weeks figure out their post-mission lives, and I've loved it. It's been cool to reflect on the things I've learned and set goals for the future. I
Round 2 lice treatment
remember Caleb Brown telling me after he got home from his mission that you know you're almost home when the milk expires after you do. I'm not quite there yet but getting closer everyday. I'm just so thankful for the change this has brought about in me. I know I'll keep developing and growing and becoming my whole life, but I've really learned a lot about who my Heavenly Father wants me to be up here.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

Sister Taylor snuck a picture
as we were walking out of the store.
Probably my favourite picture ever.
P.S. So we were at the Dollar Tree today buying some cheap chocolate and I saw the balloons over in the corner. I looked at Sister Taylor, looked at the balloons, and ran over and bought myself a bright yellow smiley face balloon. I don't know what it is about holding a balloon, but it literally makes me so genuinely happy. Sister Taylor thought I was joking with how happy it was making me, but then she bought a balloon too and totally understood. You just can't be grumpy with a balloon in your hands. We have an experiment planed for this week involving helium and bubble gum. I'll fill you in more next week.

I seriously love it so much.

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