Tuesday, March 28, 2017

This is Canada

The Hewitts took us out to a lake in our area today, and it was so fun!! As a result emailing time is cut pretty short today. While we were out "in the bush" (Canadian for "out in the country") and "on the patch" (Canadian for out on an oil patch) Brother Hewitt included said we were next to a little lake, ice fishing, with a fire for a smokey roast: "This is Canada." Oh man. It was so great. I need to go camping real bad.

Brother Hewitt is a sneaky "kiss the fish" picture taker. Don't trust him. Slimy fish does not taste good.

Sister Hollon
was at the same zone conference,
so we took the temple picture
we didn't get to take at transfers
Last Wednesday we went in to the city for zone conference on Wednesday and it was the best. We learned about how to help members more effectively use social media to share the gospel. At one point I wrote in my notes "This is going to be me." Furreal. I basically just received a training on how to be a good member missionary in a couple weeks haha

A few days ago we were having a lesson with someone who won't really get their act together and come to church even though they know they need to. We've been unsure what to do to help this person decide to  ct. During the lesson I was kind of exasperated that this person wouldn't just make the choice they knew they needed to, but I stopped myself and thought about what I'd just heard in the women's conference from President Eyring.
My last Red Dot Day homies.
Seeing people as God sees them, I said a prayer in my heart that I'd feel how Heavenly Father felt about this person and my heavens if you want to have your heart explode with love, just pray and ask God how he feels about His children.

I was reading the Book of Mormon later that night and read in Alma 5 where Alma begins with explaining the change wrought in the people of Alma's hearts after they escaped King Noah, the Lamanites, and sin. In verse 9 he says "they were loosed, and their souls did expand." I think that that's a much more verbose way of describing what this 18 month service to the Lord has done to me. My soul has expanded. I, like them, "did sing the song of redeeming love." What beautiful music love has been.

So many times throughout my mission and even yesterday, my soul is filled as I witness the truth of the things I know are true. I don't know how to accurately describe it other than that it fills me. My soul expands.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

How unfortunate!
P.S. After zone conference last week, we decided to use our time in the city to our full advantage and went out to dinner at Panda Express. Mmmm I love me some orange chicken. Once we'd finished we all reached for our fortune cookies. Sister Taylor's said something about exciting things happening in the next month and I was so pumped to open mine and get something so revelatory. Well I was jipped haha I didn't get a fortune. I showed Sister Taylor and she said "How unfortunate." Ha. Ha.

HELLO 7-11 had a Bring Your Own Cup day for $1.50, so you know we got a quart jar's worth of slurpee

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