Tuesday, June 7, 2016


So I'm just gonna go ahead and bombard you all with pictures. These are only the ones I took on my iPad. There are about a gazillion more between all of us that you might see someday haha

On the drive up courtesy of Sister Robinson

Jasper Park Lodge

Yeah we're just cute

We picked up a hitchhiker and ended up teaching her the Restoration and giving her a Book of Mormon haha
Athabasca Falls

The homeboy that ran the skytram we rode and some random lady that wanted to be in our picture

Athabasca Falls again

Mt. Edith Cavell. Pause the video at like 9 seconds and look for the glacier in between the mountains. It's the largest glacier in North America!

So this one, I'm reading a plaque at Athabasca Falls. Every single plaque was equally dramatic. I decided to read it with my best attempt to be as cool as the crocodile hunter.

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