Friday, June 24, 2016

So I guess I'll start with some news. President Manion called yesterday for transfers and Sister Van Vleet is leaving, probably out to the middle of nowhere in this great province of Alberta that has plenty of "in the middle of nowhere" areas haha I'll be staying here to train a new sister! I'm pretty freaked out about it, but Heavenly Father and I had a long talk last night and we're gonna make it work. I just want to make sure that I can help her love missionary work. CAUSE IT'S THE GREATEST.

Otherwise it's been a pretty solid week. We did a ton of service on Wednesday, as we always do and I love it. I'm sure I've explained it before, but we get to go to the Ronald McDonald House and make sandwiches for all the families at the hospital that need lunch. These aren't your regular 'ol Kraft singles and a piece of ham thrown in between two pieces of bread sandwiches though. They're literally gourmet sandwiches. We make a special spread every week and a bakery donates all this fresh bread and they've literally hired a chef to write sandwich "recipes" for us with fancy stuff like sprouts and fresh peppers. We've named Wednesday "Sandwich Day." Sandwich Day is always a good day.

Thursday was the last district meeting of the transfer. It's been a good dictrict. We made one the Elders where a headband with two Canadian flags coming off the top and a lea the whole meeting since he goes home tomorrow haha Our district leader also had this awesome game of hot and cold related to listening to the Spirit. In the end we ended up with like 5 dozen powdered donuts so it was a great district meeting haha

This is Kim :D
After district meeting, we booked it across the city to meet a lady named Kim that Sister Van met on the LRT a couple weeks ago. Oh my heavens I love Kim. We talked about what our purpose is as missionaries, and how much the gospel will bless her life and how much God loves her and she SOAKED IT UP. She had already read several chapters of the Book of Mormon that Sister Van had given her and said that "Nephi had to learn some important lessons that I felt like I've had to learn too." Long story short, she's on date to be baptized on August 27th just from that first meeting with her and I'm PUMPED. Since she doesn't live in our area another set of sisters gets to teach her, but she's gonna be great.

​Our crew this week for singing.
Who knows what it'll be
this week with transfers.
Singing was great this week! I'll send a video in a bit of Sister McSweeney and I singing :) Afterwards a member took us out to Olive Garden. Way happy. We had bread sticks comin out our ears.

Dene leaves for the rest of the summer today. She's going to be working at a Christian youth camp until the end of August, so we won't see her again for a while. We had a lesson with her about the plan of salvation on Saturday and she had lots of questions and/or concerns. They way we understand the Fall and agency and grace and works and the Atonement is a lot different than a lot of the rest of Christendom. It was actually really fun to have to really think about what I believe and how it works.
​Our last lesson with Dene.
For a while at least.
I came out of that lesson with such an appreciation for the plan that Heavenly Father has for us. It's so loving and merciful, but it's also pretty logical. The way things work make sense. He's a smart guy.

We also got to volunteer at a Mennonite Thrift Store for several hours on Saturday. We went at the same time as the sisters from Bearspaw and it was a ton of fun. All we did really was make sure the clothes were tidy on the racks, but that just meant we had several hours to peruse haha

​Our photo-bombed selfie with Kemi
Sunday was great! We showed Kemi that picture from last week of us holding the sign that says "Jesus loves you," and she ended up posting it on her facebook haha We also got to have a lesson with her later about patriarchal blessings and she's meeting with the bishop this week to start thinking about when to get it. We always have so much fun with Kemi. We just laugh our guts out every time. Somehow the phrase "If it's yellow, let it mellow" came up and what it means and she seriously thought it was so funny. She said it about 40 more times before we left.

​Ice cream of the week at Kaitlyn's house for dinner
Well everybody, Sister Van leaves me tomorrow and I get a brand spankin' new missionary. It's gonna be a crazy week let me tell you. Sister Van and I had a long talk last night about how everything we experience, good or bad, is because God has a lesson he wants us to learn from it. There's something I need to learn about being a trainer, there's something I need to learn about being in Canada as a missionary, there's something I need to learn about being the youngest of seven kids, there's something I need to learn from my mission president now and the new one I'll be getting soon, there's something I need to learn about my love for ice cream (well, probably). Think about it. Think about whatever situation you're in whether it's good or bad and think "What am I supposed to learn from this?" It's just all about learning what He wants us to.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​Our tire had a screw in it,
so we enlisted the help of some members
to change it for us.
Funny enough,
I'd been to the car place that we had fix the tire.
On my very first day with Sister Hill
almost 9 months ago!
P.S. Miracle and funny story combined this week. Sister Van Vleet needed to take her international driver's permit in to the mission office so they could get a copy of it, but after about 2 minutes of looking, we realized it was thoroughly lost. She tore apart the apartment, going through every piece of paper in existence trying to find her permit. She was standing in our room about to give up when I opened up a little side closet that we keep almost nothing in. Lo and behold it wasn't there, cause we don't keep stuff in there, but when Sister Van kind of hung her head she looked down, into the garbage, where, sitting atop a pile of plastic wrappers, WAS HER PERMIT. We both just gasped and it was like slow-motion as she reached in there and pulled it out. Now see, when Sister Van gets excited about things, her voices increases a few decibels and gets significantly squeakier. She held it our in front of her in her special excited voice said, "It was in the garbage?! WHAT ELSE IS IN THE GARBAGE?!" She then proceeded to dump the plastic wrappers and rummage through them to make sure she hadn't lost the crown jewels in there or anything.

P.P.S. I don't know why I am somehow the designated selfie taker. Literally every time.

An Elder that sings with us every week is going home Thursday (the same one we made wear the flag headband actually haha) so Sister McSweeney and I sang Homeward Bound. Lots of memories with this song.

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