Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sister Heredia

Sister Heredia, and I.
We even both wore stripes on the first day we met each other.
Inspired I tell you.
I shan't say a thing until I tell the world how awesome Sister Heredia is! She's my new companion and is seriously blow-your-mind amazing. She was born in Lima Peru, but her family moved to Montreal when she was 4. SO SHE'S TRI-LINGUAL. Spanish, French and English. I love when return missionaries that served in South American countries find out she speaks Spanish cause then they go off into a conversation in Spanish and I attempt to follow along, with my limited knowledge of the Spanish language haha Same thing with anyone who speaks French, but my follow-along skills are severely lacking with French. We're workin on it haha

Our district picture from last week. 
I don't even know where to start in attempting to give a sufficient run-down of life the past week. Wednesday, I dropped off Sister Van Vleet (who's in Cherry Grove now which is 3 and a half hours outside the city) and picked up Sister Heredia. Miracle of miracles, on Sister Heredia's first day we got a new investigator! Her name's Amy and she's great. We'll see her again tomorrow and we're way excited about it.

Sister Heredia's first day we get a new investigator and her first week of singing we flash mob the LRT again! Holy cats I had forgotten how fun it is. I had to sing the tenor part this week since we're a bit lacking in male voices, but I loved it. We had a talk before with all the missionaries on what to do if you find yourself on the train and everyone else is off or if you find yourself off the train and everyone else is on.
Her first LRT ride and there wasn't a soul haha
Sister Heredia and I had only ridden the train once before Friday, so she was thinking people lose each other on the train all the time, but all was well and no one was lost haha I MET A LADY FROM TOFIELD ON THE TRAIN. I cannot even begin to explain how excited I was. She's been less-active for a really long time, but wants Nearer My God to Thee sung at her funeral which happens to be the song we sang on the train. She's even been to Gridley people! I seriously loved that lady so much it felt like my heart was going to burst. Missions do crazy things to your heart strings man.

After we got off the train, we just stood in the station for a bit and kept singing. We wanted to record our singing, so we stopped a guy, handed him an iPad and sang to him. Oh my. When we stopped singing, Sister McSweeney looked at me and said, "That was the angels." The guy was on the verge of tears while we sang and asked if there's a church we sing at that he could come listen again. Well yes sir, please do come.

One of our less-actives mom's had been the hospital for about a week so we went and visited her and her mom and took her some fresh azaleas. Apparently I bought the kind that you can eventually plant (I'm sorry Mom I still don't know much about flowers and stuff) instead of the "these are just pretty to look at" kind, but they like to garden so it'll be fine haha They're from Chile so almost the whole time they were talking to Sister Heredia in Spanish and I loved it! It made them way happy, it made Sister Heredia way happy, so I was way happy :D

First picture with Sister Heredia
and last picture with
President and Sister Manion
Saturday night, President and Sister Manion were having a "farewell" of sorts fireside since they're leaving on Friday, but we were only allowed to go if we brought either an investigator or less-active with us. We tried so hard to get someone to come with us. We even had someone coming at one point, but they couldn't come at the last minute. I was pretty disappointed that we didn't get to go, but life went on and the church is still true haha When Alma and Amulek are watching all those people be burnt and Amulek's stressed about it and asks Alma, "Suppose they will burn us also?" Alma says, "Be it according to the will of the Lord." Holy faith man. If Alma can have enough faith in God that he's willing to be thrown into a pit of fire, I can be fine with not going to a fireside.

Generation picture:)
I finally got to see Sister Hill
again 6 months later
Yesterday we were standing in line at Pita Pit when the guy behind us in line asked what ward we were in. This is usually a guaranteed way to know when the person talking to you is a member haha He bought our pitas for us and then sat and talked to us about his life for a while. All these super sad things have been happening for a long time, but he has so much faith it would blow your mind. He definitely has the Alma mindset of "be it according to the will of the Lord." He just completely trusts that God's gonna take care of him. Round #2 of Sister Hepworth's heart on the verge of bursting because there is so much love. I just want that guy to be so happy. I want that lady on the train to be so happy. I want my family to be so happy. I WANT THE WORLD TO BE HAPPY.

So I hope you're happy :)

We got to go out to out to the country for dinner this week so here's a video of the country's beauty.

Red Dot Day #9 "
Whooooooooa we're halfway there.
WhoooooOOOA livin' on a prayer"
One more story too cause I forgot I promised to include it. So at a ward pot luck on Sunday, some homeboy was picking these little things off of the trees and throwing them at people all sneaky like. Well one of them hit a guy named Brad. I don't know how to accurately explain Brad he is the sassiest human in the history of the universe, but he's insanely funny about it haha So the little thingie hit Brad and he saw that I happened to be looking at him and starting accusing me of throwing thingie. I DIDN'T THROW THE THINGIE. Brad and I had an exchange about whether or not I threw the thingie until he eventually said, "You lying fat piece of crap." I exclaimed "BRADLEY." And he said "Oh my. That escalated." Hahaha I told him I was telling my mom he called me names and he said "You promise?" I did and here we are. Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. This is to truly emphasize how truly awesome Sister Heredia is. We were meeting some missionaries at the church, but got there a bit early. No problem, we just started walking down the street to go talk to everyone. We walked past this guy with his hat over his eyes, headphones on, looking at the ground. As we walked past, we looked at each other and made the "No you talk to him" face. We both stopped a couple feet past and agreed we had to go back and talk to him. I was planning in my head how to get this guy to talk to us (headphones are the worst and people usually refuse to talk when they have them in) when Sister Heredia just stuck her hand out, right under his nose so he had to see it, and said, "Hi! I'm Sister Heredia!" Well, we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he'd come check church out this week.

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