Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Really? Is it that bad that we're in the street?

So I'm sitting in the car on the way to Jasper typing this on my iPad, I'm probably gonna run out of patience in not too long haha

I'll just caption pictures and call 'er good.

On Wednesday we got to volunteer at a huge gymnastics event. The top gymnasts from all over Canada came to Edmonton for olympic qualifiers. I seriously should have been a gymnast. They do THE coolest stuff. Literally. There's a guy floating next to my head cause he's jumping on this ginormous trampoline and is probably like 20 feet on the air. There were 12 year old kids that had more muscle than I could ever dream of having man.
MIRACLE STORY. Sister Van and I were stopping by a less-active we'd never met, but we saw George, the guy with the sunglasses, pulled over with his hood up. We don't know anything about cars but we offered to help and tried to give him a jumpstart. Our cord ended up iterally melting, so we called the zone leaders to have them come help (again, we don't know anything about cars). While we waited for the elders, we taught George about the Book of Mormon and he took a copy and said he'd come to church on Sunday so we were pretty pumped.

When the elders showed up we had them go knock on some doors to get some water cause it was a bit toasty outside. The lady that answered her door ended up becoming a new investigator cause the elders taught her about the atonement while she grabbed water and she's already been taught again since then. We tinkered with George's car for a while (when I say we I mean everyone else had their heads in the hood while I went and picked a nice little bouquet of wildflowers, cause I still didn't know anything about cars) when a 16 year old kid named Chridon walked past who we stopped and taught and is now another new investigator. (Cool side note, Chirdon grew up Muslim but is Christian and has even gone on a mission/volunteer trip to Mexico)

Turns out George's battery needed new bolts, so we ran to Canadian Tire (which is basically the Canadian equivalent of Ace Hardware). While we were gone the elders taught George again and put him on date to be baptized on July 9th! WAY HAPPY. We came back with the bolts and Chris (red shirt in the back) showed up with his huge truck and gave George a jump start. We gave him a Book of Mormon as well.

We still haven't met the less-active haha
A girl in our ward's mom just had her gallbladder out a few days ago, so she's kind of couch-bound for a while. The girl had to be at school/work all day and the rest of her family is actually in California right now for the Argentina vs. Chile game, so she asked us to go spend the morning with her mom so she wasn't by herself all day. Fabiola (the momma) is from a Chile and her accent is super thick so she's seriously so fun to talk to. I ended up painting her toenails and she painted flowers on my fingernails for me. 

Yesterday we picked up Sister Morris and Lee and took them to Mucho Burrito
which is probably the only place in Canada that has Jarritos haha
We had a Skype lesson with Kemi on Sunday since she's in Manitoba visiting her boyfriend. Skype lessons are weird, but the Spirit works even through cyberspace. We read Alma 36 which is all about Alma's conversion story WHICH IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHAPTERS, so it was a good lesson haha

Currently on our way to Jasper. We've been on the road since 5 this morning and we've already seen a moose everybody. A moose. It's gonna be a good day.

Alright we've reached the point where I'm not willing to type much more. Elder Holland quote in honor of seeing mountains today, "What was gentle in the lowlands of initial loyalty becomes deeply strenuous and very demanding at the summit of true discipleship."

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. Robyn and Jon got married two weeks and a bit ago. We'd been patiently waiting to text them to make sure they were home from their honeymoon just to see how they were and the likes, so we hadn't seen or talked to them in a while. On our way to church, we went down the wrong road and ended up going past their apartment. When Sister Van realized this she said "THAT'S THEIR APARTMENT. Do you think I can see them??" So she slowed way down and tried to look through the windows. I was feelin a bit stalker-y so I made her drive away after she announced she thought she could see Jon haha Later that day we were heading to church again and lo and behold Robyn and Jon were riding down the street on their longboards. Sister Van got so excited she gasped, laid on the horn, screamed as we drove past, pulled the car over, jumped out with the car still running to run over to them. I turned off the car, closed her door and joined them as they were laughing about how annoyed they had gotten cause they thought that someone was just honking at them for riding in the street.

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