Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Skirts

Saying goodbye
 to the little smiley face guy
on the light attached to our apartment building.
 He was my favorite.

First off, I'm now in Belmead which is on the west end of the city with Sister Schatmeier! Holy man I forgot what regular wards are like haha Sacrament meeting has a significantly greater amount of babies and noise in general. I love it! This ward is great and there are so many wonderful people that we're teaching!
Fun fact about our area, West Edmonton Mall (used to be biggest mall in the world) is in our area. Missionaries are only allowed to go once on their mission, except us haha
My first time going to the mall with our homies
Amarra and Alyssa :D
We casually stopped in for a potty break yesterday. It has a water park, an amusement park, an ice skating rink, a movie theatre, a giant pirate ship, a sea lion show twice a day, 2 mini golf courses, a laser light thingy, a wild west style shooting thingy, a hotel, a bowling alley, 2 food courts and just about every store you could possibly imagine all under one roof.

​Walking to family home evening
 with Jennay, Anneka, and Kade

There's a whole family of teenage kids who'll be baptized on the 8th of next month. They're such fun kids! And they love church so it's perfect. We walked with them to another member's house for family home evening last night. The ward has been awesome in making sure they feel super welcomed and involved in as much as possible. It's awesome!

There's also Anthony! He is such a rockstar. He just looked up religion online cause he wanted to find God, found mormon.org, requested a Book of Mormon and now he'll be baptized soon as well! He didn't get to come to church on Sunday since a couple of ribs were out of place and he had to go to the hospital, but he still wants to see us twice this week! I'm so excited to watch his love for the gospel keep growing.

We got to help out with a food drive!
Our investigator Chrissy is awesome as well! We went over and read the Book of Mormon with her and she is just so ready for the gospel. We talked about having freedom to make our own choices is so important and she soaked it up. The Relief Society president in Belmead is like bffs with the Relief Society president in Tofield so we bonded over our love for Tofield haha

We went to stop by some homies, but they didn't answer, so we got in our car to figure out where to go next. One of the sisters of the homies we were stopping by had just gotten home and came over to our car to invite us inside. She said "I saw the skirts and knew it was the sister missionaries." We affectionately refer to ourselves as The Skirts now.

Listen, if I tried to tell you all the stuff that's gone down in the last week, I'd be here all day. Just know that I'm happy and healthy and love this work SO DANG MUCH. Sister Schatmeier and I talked for a long time about how there are all these crazy cool things the deeper you dig into the gospel, but that all you need is faith, repentance, covenants,  the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. Seriously. You want a happy life? You want to be with your family forever? You want to understand how loved you are and know how to love others? Faith, repentance, covenants, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. That's seriously it.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​The kicking President picture
P.S. I got to see all of my companions (except Sister Smith ) I've had at some point this past week which was THE BEST. Sister Hill and I were both at a meeting on Thursday and sat next to each other for the picture everyone at the meeting took together. We took a nice and normal one, but of course you have to have a silly one. I never know what to do in silly pictures. I threw my feet on Sister Hill and ended up kicking President Pattison who was on the other side of Sister Hill. Terrible. Absolutely terrible. Then they told us to move around again and they'd take another so Sister Hill threw her feet up on me and then realized she had to kind of lean on President Pattison and tried to figure out how to sit up without leaning on him. It was a good time.

Saying goodbye to Brad! (The sassy one that called me a lying piece of crap that one time)

​So Mt. Pleasant YSA is named after a cemetery. Had to take a Mt. Pleasant farewell picture.
Saying goodbye to sweet sweet Kayla. Imma miss her.

​George and Daniel (the investigator and lost sheep that ended up living up in the building behind us) had us over for dinner on our last night.

​All of our lives packed into one tiny little car. Notice Harold in Sister Heredia's hands and my burritos on the middle console. They are both mine and I will not let others have them, so they came with me.
Our First Selfie

Our Last Selfie

​Saw a lady with her hood up, offered to help, she ended up being a less-active who hasn't been to church in years. Also, it randomly poured for like 5 minutes with we were jump starting her car. She said, "This'll be a fun storyfor you guys! You helped a random lady in the rain who ended being an inactive!" Haha She's not wrong.

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