Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Listen Differently

Hello world! It's been another incredible week so I'll try and tell you all about without making this the longest email ever haha

Found a lake driving out to exchanges
We had some exchanges this week! I stayed in Belmead with Sister Demillard after being here for only a week, but we survived! We only had to flip about a dozen U-turns because I'd turned the wrong way or the road ended so I'd say it was a success haha We had so much fun. Just about all of our appointments fell through, but they just opened our time to talk to people we wouldn't have been able to otherwise! Including a member who moved to Edmonton a few weeks ago and had been looking for how to come to church and a new investigator we met on her doorstep!

Exchanges with Sister Demillard
Our zone training meeting was awesome. President Pattison has so many incredible insights and ideas he has to be called from God to be here leading the mission. A lot of the initiatives he wants to get rolling are going to push missionaries and church members in new ways they're definitely not used to, but they're going to work miracles for the progression of the mission (heh that rhymed).

I got to meet our investigator Angie for the first time this week. She is the sweetest. She loves the Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized on November 12th! We also started teaching her friend Shane who was pretty uninterested at first, but is now also reading the Book of Mormon and praying about baptism. They're seriously so nice.

Trudi's baptism!
Saturday was a flippin INCREDIBLE day. We got to go back to my old zone to go to Trudi's baptism!! It was so sweet to be able to be there for her. When she walked in after changing into her jumpsuit I waved to her while he were practicing the musical number for her and she cheers-ed me with her mini can of Coke haha Before her baptism, Sister Schatmeier and I were walking around the building
and I ran into the Hillyers! The Hillyers are way back from my Tofield days. President Hillyer is the branch president and he and his whole family were there for someone else's baptism that day. I LOVE THE HILLYERS. It took every ounce of my being to not run down the hallway and hug-tackle them I was so happy. I also happened to run into another lady from Tofield just yesterday!
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Baaaaahhhhh I love Tofield so much ️ After the baptism we met Charlene, who is also so dang sweet. Sister Hill actually found her on the bus a couple weeks ago and she ended up living in our area. She came to a family home evening with us and some members of the ward last night and she loved it! We walked with her to the couple's house and it was fun to be able to spend some time just getting to know her. She is so so sweet.

I loved the women's broadcast! President Uchtdorf said something interesting about listening differently instead of listening harder when we feel like we can't hear the Spirit. He also quoted Little Prince (I think) and said that "Anything essential is invisible to the eyes." Which made me think about all the things we do with our eyes closed. When we give someone a hug, we close our eyes. When we pray, we close our eyes. When people meditate, they close their eyes. Some things can only be understood with our eyes closed. "If ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true." Alma 32:21

To one year
Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. Our story is courtesy of Sister Schatmeier this week: I also have story to tell which I'd like to entitle, The Skirts and the Case of the Hidden IHOP. On a beautiful autumn afternoon late in the month of September, The Skirts, S. Hepworth and S. Schatmeier, found themselves in need of an oil change for their vehicle. After dropping off their automobile into the hands of capable experts, The Skirts were
Sister Shatmeier's the cutest
and got me my favorite things
and deemed me 100% Canadian beef
seeing as I've been on my mission for ONE WHOLE YEAR
trying to find a suitable activity to fill the necessary time slot. Suddenly, S. Schatmeier remembered passing by a sign advertising the restaurant IHOP on their way in to the vehicle service station, KalTire. Having been told for the entirety of the mission experience that there was just a single IHOP location in the south of Edmonton, this sign created feelings of perplexity and disbelief within the two humble sisters.

After a little discussion they decided to investigate.

Upon arriving at the cite of the afore advertised IHOP, The Skirts discovered that this was indeed a genuine International House of Pancakes, newly opened on the West End. As The Skirts were in the midst of a fascinating conversation, they didn't realize the implications of actually walking inside this place of business and were quite shocked as they were promptly seated at an eight person table.

There were only two of them.

And they had already eaten a generous lunch.

After being greeted by a lovely waitress who supplied the two sisters with glasses of cold, refreshing water, The Skirts decided to try to make the best of this unexpected, and more than a little awkward situation. Although still filled from their previous meal, The Skirts concurred that ordering an ice cream sundae would be more acceptable than rudely exiting the building five minutes after entering and accepting a table and drinks. A constant and insatiable craving for ice cream on the part of both sisters provided an additional support to this course of action. The waitress returned after a few minutes of allowing the sisters time to (pretend to) inspect the menu and asked if we had reached a decision. Still somewhat overcome with the shock of this entire scenario, S. Schatmeier accidentally interrupted her dear companion in the midst of ordering ice cream and made an inquiry, "What are some of your favorites??" to which the friendly young woman responded with a few recommendations and stepped away to allow The Skirts more time. Understandably confused, S. Hepworth asked S. Schatmeier, "Oh, do you think you're going to get pancakes?" "Nope." "Then why--" at which point both sisters couldn't hold in their laughter anymore and spent a jolly couple of moments reveling in how ridiculous this little venture has become. It took a few minutes to regain the composure expected of two representatives of Christ, at which time The Skirts shared a delectable and creamy dessert and exited, having only spent five Canadian dollars. Upon exiting, The Skirts talked to an older couple, also patrons of the wonderful breakfast establishment, who remarked in passing on the singularity of the sisters walking in to just order dessert. Feeling justifiably embarrassed, but suitably proud, the sisters decided there was only one course of action left to them.

They took a picture to commemorate the occasion.

The conclusion of this tale is a happy one :) Feeling physically satisfied and having had their curiosity sated as to the existence of a second IHOP within the boundaries of their assigned area, The Skirts walked back to retrieve their vehicle and continue the work of salvation.

The ihop picture

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