Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sister Andrus and me exchanging :)
There are about a million and a half exciting things to talk about, but our time is significantly shortened today since our car broke yesterday haha We're walking everywhere, but a member is picking us up to take us grocery shopping in a couple minutes (Shout out to Sister Sturko and how awesome she is).

Most exciting of the exciting things is that JENNAY AND KADE PASSED THEIR BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW. Literally so happy. This Saturday at 3:30 this church gets two new absolutely incredible members. They're really the greatest kids you'll ever meet. Kade asked in a lesson a few days ago how to be a missionary, so we gave him a copy of Preach My Gospel and told him he's gonna know all our secrets now. Jennay has already invited her entire family for this Saturday, and a few days ago she told us that she was nervous for her drama performance so she said a prayer and felt better. They're the flippin cutest. 

Anthony is doing incredible as well. He's so willing to do anything we ask him to. He went over to our ward mission leader's house for general conference and emailed us to say how much he enjoyed his "first general conference experience." That man's gonna be a bishop someday I tell you what. He'll be baptized on the 22nd and is so dang ready. 

We found a new investigator named Karim for the Elders in Coronation Park who is blind and super willing to learn about God. Roni has made me develop an insta-love for any and all blind people. I seriously love Karim so much. I was reminded so much of my love for Roni and Tofield and missionary work in general. He even read the braille that says "Greta" on the top of my iPad that Roni gave me. He read it too quick though and thought it said "great." Hahaha Threw me back to my 5th grade student body campaign "Vote for Greta the Great."

Alright if there's not an acknowledgement of how ridiculously awesome general conference was, did I even live this week? IT WAS AWESOME. I've been telling people for weeks that it's my favorite. It seemed like it was over too quickly! We'd be explaining it to people and talk about how it's 4 hours on Saturday and Sunday and they'd give us a funny look every time. I just love it too much. I could sit there literally all day. God's spokespeople have information that God wants to hear, so they gather us all together to tell us! What could be better??

our ice cream from an ice cream truck's last day of the season
since it's getting a little chilly up here.
Obviously I loved that so many people talked about missionary work. It's the greatest thing ever and I hope we all have new insights and impressions of how to be engaged in the Lord's work. President Uchtdorf's talk Saturday morning was a perfect reminder of how wonderful this plan of happiness is and how we should never lose sight of the awe and wonder that comes along with having any knowledge of it at all. God wants us back. Our perfect father in heaven loved us so much that he's designed a perfect plan for us to be happy, with him, forever. Holy awesomeness.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. I got to have Sister Andrus come to Belmead for an exchange this week and we were walking down the street talking to anyone and everyone that walked past. One guy came up behind us and passed us, so Sister Andrus said, "You're walking faster than we are, but can we walk with you?" As she kind of half chased him down. He said, "That depends." She said "Well we want to share this card with you-" To which he said "Nope" and took off down the street. We ended up catching up to him at the next light because we were both waiting to cross the street. I looked over at him and said "Heeeeey." To which he laughed and said "You caught up to me!" He let us walk with him all the way to his car. We had an awesome conversation, he was dead-set catholic, but we definitely hot his brain juices flowing.

Last p-day we went on a hike down by the river. There's a weird silver ball statue that we took pictures with, just a picture of both of us, and then two pictures of me dancing down a hill because I don't know how to behave like a normal human being and just walk.

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