Wednesday, October 19, 2016

If You Want To

We saw a half-built
abandoned snowman,
so we went and gave him a head.
He's Sister Schatmeier's first snowman!!
One of the other benefits of being in a family ward again is all the old people. Babies and old people are in rather short supply in YSA haha We had dinner with a super cute old lady in the ward and she was throwing out all these great little one-liner phrases that I lost track of there were so many. She also was giving us some pretty solid life advice. At one point she said, "You can do anything you want. If you want to." You are so right Sister Mazurek.

In other news Anthony passed his interview!! He'll be baptized this Saturday and is seriously pumped. So is the ward. The ward just loves him. There was a ward pot luck that he couldn't make it to because he was visiting his grandma in the hospital and SO many people asked us where he was. We taught him about the Book of Mormon last Wednesday and every time I get to share my testimony with people about the Book of Mormon I can feel it getting deeper and deeper.
​We were walking
to an appointment and a kid asked,
"Mom what's on that snowman?"
In a pretty miffed tone she said,
"A cucumber."

Another fun part of Wednesday, we're getting an app for our iPads that is basically going to eliminate all paperwork. We spent a while getting all trained for it and it'll take a while to get all the information inputted, but it's going to be so unbelievably efficient.

I got to go on exchanges with Sister Rasmussen this week. My heavens she is an absolutely incredible missionary. She's finished with her mission in just a couple weeks. It's hard to imagine going home someday. It almost doesn't feel real haha We saw so many incredible miracles though! We found a new family for her area and talked to a man named Mario. To introduce himself he said, "I'll let you guess my name. Do you know Nintendo 64? My brother's name is Luigi." He wants to hear about the gospel and is meeting with them later this week! He had about a million jokes he had to tell us, so we stood there talking to him for a solid half hour. It was fun haha

There were two instances this week that we had about 10 minutes to teach the Restoration. So stressful, but my heavens so fun. I almost wish it were that way every time. It forces you to teach really clearly and simply, but you still have to make sure they understand and that you can teach by the Spirit so it can testify of the things you share. It was the best.

With President Pattison's emphasis on finding, the mission as a whole, and our area specifically has been seeing some incredible miracles. The Lord is definitely preparing his elect to hear the message of the Restoration. There's a girl from months ago that I gave a pass-along card to that's meeting with missionaries now and is getting baptized next month. We got a new investigator just yesterday; she let us in right away and was so down for us to come back on Friday. So many missionaries have shared experiences of going to one last door, talking to one last person, and they accept an invitation. Holy cats I love being a missionary. 

Sister Smith came in to the city to go to the temple,
so we got to have lunch with her!
We had a powerful lesson with Chrissy yesterday. She kind of bore her testimony of how she knows that she needs to follow Christ. She is an incredible woman who has been through so so so much. My heart felt like it was going to burst listening to her talk. I just love her so much. I just love being a missionary so much. I know I say it all the time, but I couldn't possibly say it enough times to accurately convey to all of you just how much I love it. 

Hey! You can do anything you want to! You just have to want to! 

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​My selfie with Des
I ran into her on Saturday!
When I saw her and her sister,
we all half-screamed and ran for a hug
haha Tofield!
P.S. At family home evening last night we and Charlene were the last ones to get there, so we had to take what seats we could get. There was one big couch that Elder Moline was sitting on with space for the three of us, so Charlene sat next to him. Someone jokingly said, "Oh, you better watch out for him." So he teasingly scooted a little closer to her. She squealed like you wouldn't believe and scooted faster than I've ever seen someone couch scoot over to the other end of the couch. We sat between her and Elder Moline, but he got up at one point, so we had a musical chairs kind of thing and ended up spreading out on the couch so he couldn't sit again. There was just enough space for him to squeeze on the end of the couch by Charlene, so he squeezed in right next to her. She literally screamed and practically jumped on top of Sister Schatmeier. He decided to sit on the couch on the other side of the room haha

P.P.S. I ran into the Woodruff family from Tofield on Saturday :D Have I mentioned before how much I love Tofield?

​Shout out to Sister McSweeney and her forehead thing haha Also, please note that Sister Schatmeier and I perfectly match. Totally unplanned. #unity

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