Thursday, October 13, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Me, Sister Schatmeier, Anneka, Albert, Jennay,
Kade, and Sheridan :D
Well people another week has absolutely FLOWN by. Jennay, Kade, and Anneka were all baptized this week! Anneka had taken all the lessons as well, but felt nervous about the interview and said she wanted to wait. Come Friday night, she decided she was ready, so we got her interviewed and they were all baptized Saturday! The ward showed so much support. It was awesome. During the talk on the Holy Ghost, the member giving the talk asked the kids how they felt and Jennay said "absolutley wonderful." GAH. Melted my little heart. Kade and his dad Albert got the priesthood on Sunday. Our faces hurt by the end of the day we were smiling so much. 

We came home to an anonymous
plate of cookies on Thursday!
I love this ward :]
Anthony came to the baptism and was telling Sister Schatmeier that he just had an
overwhelming sense of "this is right." He also came to church again and everyone just loves him. We taught him about the law of tithing this week and all he had to say about it was "That totally makes sense." He's the best. We had the lesson at our ward mission leader's house which is in a bit of a sketchier neighborhood (stay calm mom, it's totally fine haha). When we left at 8:45, Anthony realized we had parked on the opposite side of the building he did, so he walked us to our car cause he is just the nicest.

Initial reaction to noticing
the snowflakes in my hair.

Important news for this week: IT SNOWED. Winter has begun people. There's no going back at this point. The snow and negative temperatures have come and are here to stay. I've already built a snowman and had several snowball fights, so we're doin great.

There are a set of sisters of that don't have a specific assigned area, they just travel around the mission going on exchanges with all the sisters in their area. It turns into a kind of blitz finding day.
So this is the same street
that was the fall colors picture
 a couple weeks ago.
Yesterday we had them come to our area and it was so fun! We spent a good chunk of time tracting, but not nearly as much as last Thanksgiving haha (In case you don't remember Sister Hill and I spent a solid 5 hours tracting last year). We talked to so many great people.

Sister Schatmeier and I stopped by a lady who used to meet with the missionaries and a different lady answered the door. Apparently the lady we were looking for was having a bath, but I asked the lady who answered the door if we could show her a video about Thanksgiving, and SHE SAID YES. That doesn't happen very often haha We invite so many people and so many people so no, it's always a little shocking at first when someone actually lets you inside. "Are you sure? You're gonna let us in? Really? AWESOME." We showed her the video and lo and behold she's from England just visiting for a couple weeks! She totally wants to learn about Christ though so we got her address in Manchester and phone number and sent it to the England missionaries. Miracles. 

​Exchanges with Sister Coats!
Oh! So clarification for everyone who thinks I'm confused in all my Thanksgiving-ness, yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving. We've already had 2 Thanksgiving suppers and we were basically rolling into our apartment last night we were so full. No complaints though. Turkey dinners are the BEST. 

There are always so many stories I want to tell that by the time I want to get to a spiritual part, it's already a little annoyingly lengthy. LISTEN I JUST LOVE THE GOSPEL AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. 

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

​We got to climb into
the bell tower of a church
we volunteer at for the food bank.
Notice the piles of pigeon poop on the floor. 
P.S. We had a lesson with an investigator Jordan last night that we were passing over to the YSA sisters. It was about the law of chastity and it actually went really well. Cause Jordan's awesome. He told us that he's been reading the Book of Mormon for 15 minutes every day :D After the lesson, we were walking out to our cars and ended up having an impromptu snowball fight. Cause, snow. It was a jolly good time and we were all enjoying all the frozen water to the face. We had kind of finished, but I still had one snowball left. I decided Jordan deserved it since it's probably one of the last times we'll get to see him. I tossed in this direction and it hit right where it *ahem* counts. The snowball fight was promptly put to an end. Just of all the days, it had to be the day that we taught him the law of chastity. *face palm*

​Our last district meeting with our district. There are still two more weeks, but we'll be at meetings and won't get to go. We attempted to take a normal picture, but eventually just kind of gave up.

We had to go jump the Mandarin Elders car yesterday. It was quite the Thanksgiving haha

​We bought the kids CTR rings
​Just the cutest :D

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