Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hakuna Matata

We got to go on exchanges this week! I went to the Lakewood sisters' area with Sister Robinson and Sister Hereida stayed in our area with Sister Christensen. They have an investigator that doesn't speak much English, so they use Google translate to translate key phrases into Swahili. We were planning on teaching him the word of wisdom, so we were looking up "no alcohol" and "no drugs" which is "hakuna pombe" and "hakuna dawa." Sister Robinson said, "Oh, hakuna must mean no." Then alllll kinds of wheels started turning in my head. Hakuna, no, hakuna, matata, HAKUNA MATATA. It literally means "no worries" in Swahili! We put it into Google translate and everything! Very sneaky Disney.

The rest of the exchange was great! We met and taught so many great people! They're seeing all kinds of incredible miracles and it was cool to be a part of it for a day.

DENE'S BACK. She's been gone all summer and we finally got to see her this week! I was seriously so happy when I saw her. She opened the door and I almost exploded. She's been working out at a Christian camp for troubled youth and she had some incredible experiences out there. She's had such a crazy life, I really admire her for how much trust she's put in God and how she's trying to help other people find that too. We're actually helping her move this Saturday, so we're not sure how much we'll actually get to teach her depending on where she moves.

Broke out the hot chocolate and hats. Winter is coming.
We also got to see Kemi again this week. We read the introduction to The Book of Mormon with her and had an awesome discussion about how we have to have church in our hearts the 6 days of the week that we don't go to church. She has so much faith too. She just got her patriarchal blessing on Sunday! Life's good.

On Wednesday we helped the ladies in the nursing home we help at make cookies. They're all so funny. We got to sit and visit with one lady afterwards named Julia and she is just the sweetest lady. She seemed so excited that we wanted to just sit and listen to her. A lot of times that's all people need is someone to listen to them.

The second picture I meant to send last week.
This Saturday our mission is doing a day in the life of a missionary kind of thing. We're gonna have people follow us around all day taking pictures of us and posting them on social media with #yegmormon So if you wanna see what I'm doin up here follow the hashtag and Sister Heredia and I will show up somewhere haha We have one member who has a pretty well-known YouTube channel that's going to be with us all day and film it to make a movie! If you do find a picture of me and want to tag me or repost it that'd be awesome so more people can see the #yegmormon (YEG is the Edmonton airport code)

Found Waldo!
Also depending on time today, I have another "letter" that I might be sending, but since these are all actually going on a blog it's really gonna be more like a blogpost. Just of some thoughts I've been thinking and want to share.

Stay happy homies. Even when you don't wanna, do it anyways.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. Singing this week, a guy walked past with his arm in a sling. One of the Elders called out to him and asked what happened. The guy said "I got hit by a truck." Literally every single one of us, and there were 8 of us, simultaneously gasped so hard. It was like we were on a soap opera or something hahaha

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