Tuesday, September 13, 2016


First things first! NEWS. Sister Heredia and I are BOTH being transferred! Kind of crazy. Seeing as we both have to pack now our to do list for the day is about a mile long. MOST EXCITING OF ALL: Sister Heredia is going down to Red Deer to serve as a Spanish speaking missionary!! HOLY CATS LITERALLY SO PUMPED. We were running around/laying on the floor/rave dancing/screaming all this morning we are so excited. Tomorrow morning we'll both be heading out to new companions, new areas, new life. So weird. 

Our last week as companions has been absolutely incredible though. We got to see our recent convert Jenna (who actually isn't technically recent as of next week) in Gateway last Tuesday night and we found out it was her birthday the next day so we ran and got her chocolate and balloons real quick. We had a great lesson with her about "small and simple things" like reading our scriptures and praying. She said she loves praying and has some awesome experiences with the Book of Mormon. I just love her :D

We got a new investigator literally 6 weeks ago that we haven't been able to see again until last Wednesday. When we sat down, she was sitting with us at the kitchen table. Then her brother sat down as well. Then her mom and sister turned off the tv to listen. Then her friend came and sat down next to her. So we taught the whole house. It was a pretty crazy lesson. They spent a lot of the time making fun of us, but when we talked about the First Vision, they couldn't help but shut up and listen. It was pretty incredible really.

Alright Saturday. Probably the craziest, busiest, funnest (not a word) day of my mission. We PACKED our day with as much goodness as we possibly could since people were gonna be following us all day. Literally all day. We had someone new every hour. We helped Dene move in the morning and had to finish studying afterwards. We also got together with the missionaries we sing with and invited a bunch of members to go sing with us. SO FUN. Then we got to go to the Whyte Ave booth and we talked to a million and a half people. (We actually got a new investigator, but I'll talk about that in a second). We went and helped out at a community garden, had dinner, then went to a member's house to help with her garden. We tried to see a bunch of people that night, no one was home. BUT it was still good! We saw so many miracles that day. I'm sure Heavenly Father was thinking, "ya know, this is an important day. Let's give 'em a whole bunch of people who wanna hear the gospel." Thanks man. There were a couple of girls who followed us around for a bit to record us. One video is posted already on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1u8tHeIlVQ&feature=youtu.be The other won't be done until October. All the other pictures and videos people took of us are still out there! Search through #yegmormon and we'll be there! Feel free to share that video all over the place though ;D

Yesterday was an incredible day as well! We met with that new investigator from the Whyte Ave booth. He's from Brazil and has been waiting very patiently (literally for years) to know what God wants him to do. He had awesome questions and is reading the Book of Mormon! Later that night we saw Kemi and I just love her guts. I'm gonna miss her a ton. We saw the girl from Wednesday again and it was just her this time. She's a lot more attentive and receptive when the rest of her family's not making fun of us. She even made us cupcakes! :D We also ran into another investigator that we tried to pass over to the Elders and had an impromptu lesson with him. He knows he needs to change, and that we can help him do that, but won't make the time to do it. 

Alright I need to wrap up, we seriously have so much we need to do today. I love the gospel. I love feeling how happy it makes me. I love the Book of Mormon. I love ice cream. I love sunshine and the color blue and music and all of you.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. Sister Heredia has been reading the war chapters in the Book of Mormon. She's been saying for weeks that it's like a movie in her head. To help with knowing how to pronounce words and the likes in English, she listens to recordings and reads along. The other day, she got to the part where one of the good guys names Teancum dies. She pulled out her headphones, gave me big puppy dog eyes and said, "TEANCUM! Teancum's dead! They killed him! I love Teancum! Why couldn't he have waited until morning to sneak attack?! Not Teancum! I'm in love with Teancum! I AM SO SAD." It was quite traumatically hilarious.

Picture Overload
I have no idea what order they're in, but lots are just goodbye pictures with Kemi, Caitlyn, and my favorite people from the Ronald McDonald House. There's one where we were helping out at an Institute BBQ; we cooked like 500 hot dogs. One is of our district. One is singing on Monday

113 days to Christmas

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