Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Don't Know You

​FINALLY got a picture of the choir.
His Hands has been just absolutely incredible. This is our last week of performances and it'll definitely be way sad when they're over. I read a talk about the "music of the gospel" this morning, and music just has such a special place in my heart. It helps me understand my Savior and the Atonement in ways that nothing else quite can. I feel very humbled to have been able to be a part of helping other people understand that too. On Sunday we had a concert in Sherwood Park (East side of the city),
so Tofield came!! I was literally so happy I didn't know how to accurately express how happy I was. It kind of just turned into hugging people a lot haha

Last Wednesday we drove out to Drayton Valley which is about an hour and a half out of the city. We got up nice and early, so we got to see an incredible sunrise. I spent the morning with Sister Taylor and even got to have one last Sister Schatmeier smoothie.
​The sunrise on our way out to Drayton
Oh my goodness so good. That night we were back in Edmonton and had a great lesson with Uttra. She's doing so great! She went to the temple this Saturday for the first time and got to take her mom and grandma's names to be baptized.

We had family home evening with Albert and the kids on Saturday. I just love them so much. They've been pulling out old family pictures and videos and I just feel like part of the family.
​We played the picture/sentence game
at family home evening
with Albert's family.
They feel like my little brother and sisters. I've been working so hard to convince them to come visit me in Utah or California. It will be such a happy day when they do. It will also be a very happy day when I get to come back and just hang out with all these wonderful people that I love so much.

Melodie came to church again this week and she is so great! She was making comments in Sunday School and always asks for extra reading assignments. Anthony gave a talk this Sunday about temples and family history and he is also ridiculously incredible. He just loves the gospel so much.

​We went past my old apartment building
when we were on the wrong bus haha
Sister Victoriano and I were on exchanges yesterday and we had so much fun! We got on the wrong bus and ended up in another stake, but holy cats it was so funny. We talked to so many people, and even jumped on the LRT for a while! It was seriously such a fun day. At one point Sister Victoriano tried to say hi to a lady and her face dropped and she said "I don't know you." Literally we laughed so hard. There were so many awesome people we talked to though :D Their car is out of commission for a while, so we were walking all day. Literally every sidewalk was completely covered in ice, but I did not fall one time!

Peace and Blessings!
Sister Hepworth

Post-concert ice cream has become a tradition.
P.S. On Friday Sister Hollon and I wanted to buy everyone frosties, so we went in rounds because we didn't want them all to melt. We bought 4 the first time and delivered. We went back and asked for 6 more, and when we got up to the window, it was the same lady and she just kind of laughed at us. We laughed and Sister Hollon explained that they weren't all for us. The lady kept laughing and handed us our frosties. We wished her a good day and she yelled out to us  while she was laughing "Have good day! See you again soon!" Sassy Wendy's lady.

​District picture

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