Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Make it a Fire Hazard

Sister Morris is just the dang cutest.
So we had our last concert on Sunday. Lots of mixed emotions about that one, but as we were warming up 30 minutes before the concert, people were already starting to come sit in the chapel. We set up more chairs, and then went into a classroom to finish warming up. Some of the Elders came in 5 minutes before it was supposed to start and announced they opened up the second overflow and were setting up all the chairs including adding extra seats at the end of the pews in the chapel. We all started mildly freaking out that so many people were there when Sister McSweeney told them to do whatever they needed to, "make it a fire hazard!"

District picture Round 2
By the time we walked into the chapel, all the chairs were up and there were people standing in the back. The final count was over 700 people. Holy. Cats. So incredibly humbling. This has been such an incredible time of my mission. Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ and we got to do that through music this last month. It's cool to still be living the stories I know that I'll be telling my kids someday.

All the sisters in the zone 
got to go on a tour 
of the Alberta Legislature Building today. 
I find it kind of amusing 
that we learn nothing
about Canadian politics/government 

in American schools, 
but they learn all 50 states 
in schools in Canada
On Monday we went to a member's house with a recording studio in the basement, and professionally recorded 4 songs. Oh my goodness. We were listening to one of the recordings afterwards and I just have come to love all of this and all of these people so much. I don't even want to be sad about it being over. I just want to remember how much I've loved this. We also filmed the whole program on Monday, so I'll be able to remember forever because I'll still be watching it when I'm 80.

Transfers are here and of course there are changes everywhere, but life is so good! I'm basically out of time for today, but I'll fill you all in more about life and the likes next week.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

That smoulder tho.
P.S. While we recording the program yesterday, we'd been singing for about 6 hours already and were running out of energy. Elder Saumweber decided we'd take a minute to re-energize, so we ran to the -10 Canadian outside. Elder Saumweber dared Elder Hunsaker to run and tackle a snowman, but then noticed that there were two. It came down to both of them running at top speed to the snowmen in the field. They both took out the head...with their heads. We went back inside with a very sore-headed Elder Hunsaker haha Unfortunately we were only halfway through recording, so some songs have a sore head and some don't. Even more unfortunate we recorded them out of the program order, so a big red spot on Elder Hunsaker's forehead is going to disappear and reappear throughout the videos.

The lady in the painting apparently went by "sister" ;D

Grand staircase up to the chamber that they write Albertan laws and stuff

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