Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The Drayton Valley sisters
are too far away to drive in for district meeting,
so they FaceTime in.
The His Hands concerts have been flippin awesome! Every night the audience gets a little bigger. At our performance last night the missionaries there ushering people couldn't even come sit down in the chapel it was so full. It's really been cool to talk to people and hear what it's like for them to listen. It's such a spiritually packed program, we feel it every time, but it's cool to look out and watch other people feel it for the first time. We still don't have a single picture or recording. So sorry. We're for sure recording the whole thing at the end of the month though. Don't fret.

Lucille!! ❤️ 😊
With a Sister Watts photo bomb in the back
At the last concert I got to meet a girl that I met with Sister Heredia 5 months ago for a couple minutes at an LRT station. She noticed that my skirt had pockets and commented on how her dress had pockets too. We talked for a several minutes about how all dresses/skirts should have pockets haha Eventually we started talking about gospel-y things when an old coworker of hers came up and kind of stole the conversation. I ended up just handing her a card with on it. MIRACLE she actually looked at the card! She talked to missionaries on, eventually met the missionaries in her area and poof she got baptized. Holy awesome sauce! Her name is Lucille and she is absolutely incredible. Now she goes out with the missionaries all the time and her boyfriend is talking to the missionaries and she's thinking about going on a mission. MY GOODNESS I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. She and I decided that skirt is a miracle skirt and I will either frame it and hang it on the wall or give it to my daughters when they go on a mission.

We went and studied with the Greenfield sisters on Saturday
Melodie came to church this week and she loved it! We got to the church about 15 minutes early to wait in the foyer for her. 15 minutes into sacrament meeting we still hadn't seen her, so wwent and sat in the chapel feeling pretty sad that she hadn't come. When the meeting was almost over, I casually looked over my shoulder and Melodie was sitting right there! She had gotten there like 20 minutes early and just been sitting in the chapel waiting for us! Note to self, always check the chapel first.

Jasmine and Chantel came to church this week as well! AND Anthony taught Gospel Principles for the first time! When we talked to Jasmine yesterday, she said that Anthony's lesson was her favorite part of church! Jasmine and Chantel were a little miffed that so many people were on their phones all through church. It was a good reminder to me how important it is to be focused during church. For sake of respect to the speaker, to the Spirit and really to the house of the Lord. I definitely have a renewed passion for being focused during church.

Just some post-concert ice cream.
The lesson in Relief Society was about "cultivating an attitude of happiness and a spirit of optimism." That's literally one of my favorite things to talk about. Sister Van Vleet used to write on any whiteboard she ever saw "choose to be happy." TRUTH. Our outlook on anything is our choice. I remember finding a picture once upon a time that was a fake cartoon newspaper with the main article heading saying something along the lines of "A kitten was born today!" as well as a bunch of side articles like "thousands of planes landed safely." Just be happy man. It's way better.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

P.S. Before every concert we always do your usual musical warm-up kind of things, but to really build our energy, it's become tradition to also play a game of ninja before we head to the chapel. If you don't know how to play ninja ask the closest 14 year old. On Sunday, we all our took our ninja poses and Elder Chadwick ended up half-way across the room trying to kind of hide in the corner. We all laughed and then I kind of forgot he was over there. I successfully avoided a ninja attack by Elder Nethercott and was revelling in my success and trying to decide whether or not it was my turn next when Elder Chadwick leapt across the room for a sneak attack. Well I lost that hand and the next immediately after because I was too distracted from the sneak attack. Sister Waite and I were watching everyone try and smack each other's hands when President Pattison walked in. Everyone playing kind of extra froze for a second and Elder Chadwick was still on the ground from his sneak attack. President's first words were "I always thought you guys were in here practicing before! Now I know what's goin on!" Hahahaha We were all dying. Sister Waite and I explained how ninja works while everyone else resumed play.

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