Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Totally Different

Uttra 😄
Most exciting of the exciting today: Uttra was baptized on Saturday! It was so great! So so great! Her son was so dang cute. When she was down in the water, his face was right up on that glass and after she came back up he started clapping and yelled out "Yay!" She's seriously just wonderful. In Gospel Principles on Sunday another member was commenting on how cool of a decision it is to be baptized and how now life will be "totally different" for her but in the best way to which she responded "true."

The picture from last week with Elder and Sister Echo Hawk
The firesides have been great! We've had three so far and another one tonight! We've totally failed on recording anything or even taking a picture haha We'll be better. It's building more and more momentum though! With every performance, the audience has grown! It'll be crazy to see how many people come by the end. There's been a lot of good feedback so far.

The Skirts were reunited for a day! Sister Schatmeier and I got to run around Belmead for the day on Wednesday. We saw our investigator in Coronation Park named Melodie and she's incredible! It legitimately seems like she's a member playing a joke on us she's so "golden." Every question she asks and every answer to the questions we ask her are perfect.

Exchanges with Hermana Morgado!
Sister Schatmeier and I forgot to take a picture.
We were very disappointed with ourselves.
I also got to spend half a day with Hermann Morgado yesterday! She's one of the new Spanish sisters and we had a ton of fun! I got to practice my Spanish and she got to practice her English haha it was a perfect combo. We stopped a guy on the street at one point who talked about how we all have no purpose and we're all just random and have nothing special and unique about ourselves. He was very interesting to talk to. He was super nice but we were both obviously very set in our ways. When we were talking about our purpose in life I said mine is to have joy and for a second, I could see his heart soften. There was almost a literal physical relaxation in his posture.

It's never too cold for ice cream.
It's like -30 outside right now.
When we boil down the things we want or our goals and the likes, we ultimately just want to be happy. We want to have joy. Even someone who thinks that we just "poof" after we die has that same need for joy. This is where joy is. Christ. The gospel. Families being eternal. JOY.

Peace and Blessings
Sister Hepworth

We had a treat feast for Family Home Evening
with Albert and the kids.
P.S. For every concert, we turn down the lights so that we have the stage presence kind of thing goin. At our second performance, they had forgotten to figure out which switches would produce the right "ambiance." We were grouped around the microphone waiting to start singing and over to the left three people were huddled around the 20 light switches flipping them all on and off for a solid two minutes. The audience was trying to be really polite and pretend like they didn't notice it happening, but two minutes later all I could think was, "I want to be laughing, I'm sure they want to be laughing." We were standing there music up and ready, the whole audience watching intently. So I just smiled. Then I giggled. And the lights kept flipping.

FHE is the best.

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